Graphic Novel Review – Curse Words Vol.1: The Devil’s Devil

Curse Words Vol. 1Source: Borrow
Publisher: Image
Series: Curse Words #1-5
 eBook, 142 Pages
 Fantasy Comic
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A wizard has appeared in present-day New York! His name is Wizord, and he’s here to save us all from dark magical forces bent on our destruction. He’s the best wizard of all time! Or… he’s not, and he’s lying to everyone, and secretly is the dark magical force, but wants to hang out in our world for a while because it’s so much nicer than the hellhole he comes from. Secrets, and spells, and talking koalas – CURSE WORDS is a gonzo dark fantasy from CHARLES SOULE (Daredevil, Letter 44, Star Wars) and RYAN BROWNE (God Hates Astronauts).

Curse Words is one of the weirdest comics I’ve read lately and unlike so many others it kind of works.

Our main character is Wizord, a powerful….wizard, who finds himself trying to become the protector of our world. There is magic, a talking koala, and lots of really bizarre side characters. I’ll be honest and say half of the time I was wondering what the hell I was reading, as it has quirk in excess, but I really enjoyed the humor and the whole ‘magic at a cost’ theme that keeps popping up. Margaret, the talking koala mentioned previously, is probably my favorite though. She’s the voice of reason for Wizord, something I sorely need sometimes, and also she’s a koala…so it’s not like any other character stood a chance at being my favorite. I’m biased towards talking animals.

The story itself is quite good even with all the weird curve balls and world building. I’m all for stories about characters trying to defy the odds and change who they are, especially if those stories include all the ways they can mess up. Wizord messes up in big ways and he only realizes it about half of the time. This volume ends with several revelations and a new direction for a secondary character, and I have to say I am really curious to see how it goes.

The art is colorful and detailed, and really fits the odd mix of serious and quirky.

Overall while I’m still on the fence of how I feel about it exactly, I do think it works. It’s not going to win any awards for being incredibly deep or life-changing, but it’s fun. It’s the perfect read for a day when you need a dose of the weird. I’ll definitely be finding a copy of the second copy when I can.

3.5 stars

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Tell Me Tuesday #69


Hosted by La La in the Library



  • Tehanu by Ursula K. Le Guin – This was a big change of pace for this series. It has a completely different tone from the previous books and focuses a lot more on the people than the plot. I appreciated what Guin was trying to do here, highlighting that everyday life can be horrific especially for a woman in a society focused on men. But it felt…odd. Like the pace was uneven.
  • Stolen Enchantress by Amber Argyle – I really enjoy Amber’s work and this one was no exception. I got a little worried about the love interest angle, but things were more than they seemed in a few cases.
  • Lumberjanes Vol. 6: Sink or Swim – These comics are such fun cute reads. The last volume was a bit disappointing as the art changed and the writer did as well, so it felt kind of rushed and weird. But the artist and writer have evened out and refined themselves back into the swing of things.


  • Salem’s Lot by Stephen King – I kind of stalled out on this one for a few weeks, but I am back at it. It had a slow start but it’s certainly moving along now. I’m glad this one will be my first King novel as I love vampires and prefer them to be moody in the atmosphere instead of quickly paced, which is exactly what this book is.
  • Homeland by R.A. Salvatore – This attempt number 3 at this one, it’s not a bad read at all I just keep picking it up at the wrong time. This time though it’s a buddy read with my boyfriend.

General Updates

  • My sinus infection refuses to go away and now I have resorted to my least favorite thing, antibiotics. It started to ease up quite a bit and my doctor agreed that I was on the upward stroke of the illness, but she gave me a ‘just in case’ prescription for the off chance it got worse again. Well, it got worse. I had two days of almost no ear problems and perfect sinuses…and then today happened. My ear canal and jawline are in so much pain I’m damn near delirious. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and it’s kicking my ass. I’m hoping these little nuke pills will take care of it.
  • Finn is being a jerk, which isn’t news really. He had his neuter surgery on Friday and yesterday I had a freak out because he managed to irritate the sutures and was all swollen up for hours. (At night, so vet visit was out of the question until morning). The swelling went down after he finally went to bed (at freaking 5 am), and I got a total of 2 hours of sleep before work.
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