Tell Me Tuesday #102

tell me tuesday

Hosted by La La in the Library


  • Borderlands 2 – Xbox One – I finally got around to playing and finishing this one. It’s such a good series, and I’m looking forward to playing the third one when it drops in a week or so.
  • Glass Masquerade – Xbox One – This is a very low key stain glass puzzle game, it’s quite pretty and I used it for daily achievements as well as to unwind a bit. It’s an easy 100% too, which is always nice.


  • Omensight – Xbox One– This is pretty interesting, it’s a bit of a hack and slash game but it has a story that requires you to travel back in time and learn about the events leading up to a specific moment to try and figure out what’s happening so you can prevent it. It’s also quite pretty.
  • Gears of War 2 – Xbox One/360 – This is an old Xbox 360 title. I never really got into this series when these were new, but the new one coming out soon (Gears 5) looks interesting so I’m trying to play through the old ones. It’s kind of dumb fun.
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2 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday #102

  1. Greg says:

    I love it when games can be relaxing and fun at the same time, like those puzzle games. 🙂

  2. Glass Masquerade sounds like my kind of game! 🎮
    Thanks for TMTing! 💜✨

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