Print & Pixel News – Week of 8/18

Print & Pixel News

Welcome to another edition of Print & Pixel News!

Indie World Showcase

Nintendo had a game showcase for only Indies on 8/19, and it’s chock full of awesome game announcements from small publishers! Video Here


Another Lead Producer Leaves Bioware

Dragon Age 4

The lead producer on Dragon Age 4, Fernando Melo, has announced his departure from Bioware over on his Twitter. You can see his full announcement on his Twiter profile here: Fernando Melo (@DiscoBabaloo) As of now we haven’t seen any hint on what the two departures mean for Bioware’s upcoming content.



Gamescom started this week and it has been packed with reveals, new gameplay footage, and release date announcements! There is a ton to see including games like: Death Stranding, Luigi’s Mansion, Link’s Awakening and Square Enix’s Avengers.

Upcoming Releases

Collection of Mana – Nintendo Switch – 8/28 (physical release)

Control – PS4/Xbox One – 8/26





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1 Response to Print & Pixel News – Week of 8/18

  1. Thanks for sharing the indie video! I’m going to watch it later. 👍✨

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