Tell Me Tuesday #101

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  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess  – Wii – I bought a new Wii this past week and sat down with my old Twlight Princess save file. I knew I had a little bit left to finish off, but I didn’t realize I was literally 2 hours away from the end until I loaded it up. So I polished it off and I can honestly say that Twlight Princess is definitely a favorite.
  • Dragon Ball Vol. 1 by Akira Toriyama – 3 StarsGoodreads – I have decided I’m going to give series that I deliberately skipped when I was a kid. Dragon Ball is up first! This was okay, but it reminded me why I didn’t watch a ton of DBZ. I don’t like Goku, he’s a Class-S idiot and Bulma is incredibly annoying as well. It’s going to be a long time before I get to best boi, Vegeta in the DBZ manga.
  • Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1 – 3 Stars – Goodreads – Another okay one. This one has an interesting premise of monsters hiding in plain sight, and the main character getting pulled into that world against his will. I’m curious to see where it will go.
  • Claymore Vol. 1 – 4 Stars – Goodreads – This has a similar monster in plain sight premise as TG but it’s more medieval in setting and far more up my alley. I am all for kickass females and a medieval fantasy setting.


I just realized that I don’t have any books started! I’ll probably fix that in the new few days, hopefully!

  • Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Switch – I’m back to playing this. I kind of put it aside for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but since I realized that I have another two playthroughs of Three Houses to get the full story (differing viewpoints) I put that down to focus on games that are ‘shorter’ in completion. It’s a delightful and I adore Malroth.
  • Dark Cloud – PS2 (played on PS4) – I missed out on a TON of RPGs growing up, and now that I work in a game story I’m realizing just how many. So I grabbed a digital copy of this one to try out. It’s an odd one with really annoying sound effects, but I’m enjoying it. If I had to compare it to a current game I would say Moonlighter. You delve in dungeons for portions of your town, so that you can return to the surface and rebuild.
  • Shadows of  Adam – Switch – I picked this up to satisfy a pixel art rpg need that I had. I’m not overly fond of it at the moment, but it’s not bad. I’ll probably review it once I finish it or get about 50% of the way through.
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1 Response to Tell Me Tuesday #101

  1. Ahhhhhhhh! Dark Cloud! I played this a bit when my ex and son were playing it. Every once in awhile I hear Baz playing it (it might be Dark Cloud 2). The music makes me all warm and fuzzy because it reminds me of happy times. 😁

    Baz has been telling me to watch the Tokyo Ghoul anime. Other bloggers were saying they thought it was too gory for me, so I asked him why he had been suggesting I watch it, and he laughed and said that he knows me better than they do. 😛 I wish Hoopla had the manga, but they don’t. 😒,

    Thanks for TMTing. 💜✨

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