Tell Me Tuesday #100

tell me tuesday

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My 100th TMT!!


  • Swirl of Ocean by Melissa SarnoGoodreads3.5 Stars: A middle grade coming of age story dealing with family, with a touch of magical realism. So magical realism isn’t my thing, I really prefer things to happen for an actual reason not just because *waves hand around* So parts of this don’t work for me on a basic level, but I think it was a pretty solid story overall.
  • Planet Earth Is Blue by Nicole Panteleakos – Goodreads 5 Stars: This is also a middle grade, and probably the only book that has made me cry in the past year or so. It centers around a nonverbal autistic girl named Nova, as she waits for the launch of Challenger and for her sister to find her in her new foster home so they can watch it together. It’s so hopeful and heart-wrenching, and I found myself remembering my own experiences of waiting for the shuttle Columbia to come home.


Fire Emblem Three Houses

  • Fire Emblem Three Houses – Nintendo Switch – I bought this well over a week ago and I’ve sunk about 40+ hours into it (probably more since I’m writing this on Friday) and I adore it so far. I haven’t even made it to the end and I already know I’m going to end up replaying it at some point, if not right away. For those that don’t know Fire Emblem is a strategy game that has a focus on moving units in battles, but it also has a heavy rpg element with its storyline and focuses on relationship building as well. It’s my first Emblem game and I can honestly say I’m more than willing to play others now.


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2 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday #100

  1. I read your review for Planet Earth is Blue and immediately put it on my TBR! I’m the same with Magical Realism in most cases. The only time it seems to work or me is if it is authentic Latin American folk tale based Magical Realism. 📚

    100 TMTs! Thank you so much for joining in all this time. 💜✨

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