I Would Like…Your Recommendations – March 2019

I Would Like

I had this idea at 2am and I wanted to try it out and see how it goes. If it’s something that seems interesting I’ll keep it up.

Basically, I come up with something I would absolutely love to read about, and you guys throw your best recommendations my way. I feel like much of blogging is spent recommending books to other people, but rarely does anyone drop recommendations in the comments. I figured this would be a fun way to share books and maybe find new reads that are either blacklisted or simply hidden gems. The recommendations don’t have to fit the mold to perfection, but something close would be nice.


I Would Like…

A book about a warrior queen. 

I love a fierce woman who knows her way around the throne room and the battlefield, that duality of sleek court appeal and ferocious warrior is basically music to my ears.


I Would Like…

A book where the god(s) are directly involved in the MC’s life. 

Think Percy Jackson, but ideally more adult-leaning. I love when gods screw with people or manipulate them into doing ridiculously arduous quests. I’m totally fine with it being a more God/Champion relationship rather than a God/Pion one because both are fantastic in their own right. That being said, I’d prefer to avoid the major monotheistic religions of real life on this one. Our mythological or newly invented gods only.


Do you have any themes, topics, or ideas that you wish you could find books for? Leave them in the comments, maybe another person can help you out!

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5 Responses to I Would Like…Your Recommendations – March 2019

  1. Greg says:

    For warrior queens, have you read the Renthia books by Sarah Durst? I can’t remember offhand if I’ve seen you review those or not. I haven’t read them myself but I’ve heard good things, and have them on my list. Also the Three Dark crowns series by Kendare Blake is pretty good, they’re witch queens basically.

    The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky has Artemis living in modern day NYC, and some of the other Greek gods are alive. There’s a gritty mystery cult sacrificing people and stuff- it’s sorta urban fantasy but not really? I liked the first book better than the second one, haven’t read the third yet.

    Feel free to disregard if these don’t sound good haha!

  2. I’m not sure either of these fit neatly into your categories, but they are both pretty good. The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi is about Maya, who is born with a horoscope for death and destruction. She marries into an interesting situation and ends up having to fight for her life and her husband’s.

    Another Kendare Blake for you – Antigoddess is more the gods themselves doing the quests to save themselves from dying out. It’s the Greek pantheon (Athena is one of the MCs) and it’s lots of fun.

  3. Karsyn Smith says:

    A book where the god(s) are directly involved in the MC’s life – The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne. All gods are showcased in the series, mainly on the premise of if they are believed then they are real. Many gods of many pantheons interfere with Atticus including Loki, Morrigan, Coyote and many many more.

  4. I don’t remember if you read the Tearling books? I didn’t care for the second book because she threw in this weird dystopian storyline for 50% of the book, but I loved the first and third books. 👍✨
    I don’t generally read books about gods and goddesses, but I loved the Gates of Thread and Stone books by Lori M. Lee. However, it’s been years and no third book. 😏

    I really like this feature! 🙌🙌🙌

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