Most Anticipated Game Releases of 2019


Most Anticipated Games 19

I debated on doing a post centered around video games here because it is book blog…and most people come here for books. However, I’m super stoked about some of the game releases coming this year and I’m sure someone out there shares my love. So here it is! These are not in any sort of order, though the first three are games are ones I’d trade my first born for…


  • Anthem – Bioware – Feb. 22nd – Trailer:  There are few gaming companies out there that I support as much as I support Bioware. They have created some massive RPG juggernauts (for me) : Jade Empire, Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. Now they are trying something new with Anthem, and I am on board! It looks amazing, massive, and like it has the potential to be a solid game.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr – Jun. 4th – TrailerI adore the Elder Scrolls franchise, it has some really in-depth lore and it’s a perfect mix of supremely causal and intense. So it’s kind of a no brainer that I have sunk a ton of hours into their MMO, and the next expansion is coming out this summer as a part of a year-long story. I am so ready to go to Elsweyr, which is home to a race called the Khajiit which is the race I play in every game. Plus dragons!
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 – Jan 25th – Trailer:  So this one is already out, but since my post schedule is wonky right now I wanted to include it because this is for the whole year. This game has been a decade in the making, and I am so excited to see the ending to this overly complicated but massively loved series.


  • Animal Crossing – TBA 2019 – Trailer: I loved the previous Animal Crossing games, with how low stress and lovely they are. You just take care of your little village and chat with the villagers, which is both endearing and sometimes hilarious. (I had a duck in my last town that I’m fairly sure was a serial killer. No joke, she was never home, hard to find, had anger issues with EVERYONE, and one time made me bury a time capsule which when opened was a skeleton…) So I’m excited for it to come to the Switch sometime this year! The art above is not the new art for the game.
  • My Time at Portia – Spring 2019 – Trailer: This is already out on Steam (PC) but I am excited to play this one console because I need more Harvest Moon-like games in my life. SMiliar to Animal Crossing in it’s laid back nature, but you can also craft and such!
  • Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy – TBR 2019 – Trailer: NOSTALGIA! This was one of my favorite games on the original Xbox. It’s an RPG chock full of puzzles and Egyptian mythology, and it’s just so good! It’s coming to the Switch at some point this year and I can’t even describe the loud pitched keening noise I made when I saw this announcement.

Are there any games that you are looking forward to playing this year? Any game announcements that took you by surprise? Anyone else excited for E3’s possible offerings?

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5 Responses to Most Anticipated Game Releases of 2019

  1. Hannie says:

    I’m waiting for Tropico 6 to come out, personally. I hope you do more gaming content in the future! I decided to start writing about books and games pretty evenly and found that fans of one hobby usually have interest in the other.

    • I’ve never played a Tropico game! I keep meaning to pick one up and try it out, but I keep forgetting. I’ll have to keep an eye out for sales or used copies to try.
      I used to have a gaming blog as well, but life got insanely hectic and I had to downsize back down to just one. I even had a brief feature on here for Tabletop gaming, so I definitely might try to incorporate more of both of those on here as I move forward.

  2. Greg says:

    Hey I like your new look! I love Bioware and will definitely be checking out the Anthem trailer- I haven’t seen it yet! And the Elder scrolls: Elsweyr sounds amazing.

    • Thank you! It was a spur of the moment decision that turned out pretty nicely I think.

      Definitely give the trailer a watch! This is something new for them so I’m hoping it does well. I played the demos and I am enjoying it thus far.

  3. I’m a little bit upset that Baz doesn’t have any consoles anymore, so I can’t watch him play Kingdom Hearts. He told me to watch someone streaming online, but it’s not the same. 😛

    Have fun playing. 🙌🙌🙌

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