Most Disappointing Books of 2018

most disappointing

I’ve done the best books of 2018, so naturally, it’s time for the worst books. To preface this list, these are my own personal thoughts. They in no way reflect on to how I feel about you or your reading tastes. If you loved a book you see on here, feel free to let me know in the comments! I love to see why books work for other people when they don’t work for me.

  • Ball Lightning by Cixin Liu Goodreads – I’ve had Cixin Liu’s book The Three Body Problem on my TBR for a little while now, and I decided to give his writing a try with his newest release when I saw my library had it. It is incredibly dense, which is fine, but what made it so hard to get through was the stiff writing and characterization. I’ve heard the Body Problem is better with this, so I still plan to pick that up soonish.
  • Rosewater by Tade Thompson –  Goodreads – I picked this up shortly after it released on a recommendation from a podcast, and I was kind of underwhelmed after the hype for it. It’s still a good read but the main character is fairly unlikable which made it tough to care, but the plot and side characters were great! Review
  • Battlefront: Twilight Company by Alexander FreedGoodreads – I had hoped this would improve upon the rather lackluster video game by breathing life into a tired idea. NOPE. It was more of the same, and characters are killed off so fast and without much emphasis that it just became an unforgettable blur.
  • On a Pale Horse by Piers AnthonyGoodreads – UGH! This might have been my most hated book if All the Birds in the Sky wasn’t also on this list. This is extremely dated, unfortunately, so there is a lot of sexism, but there is also a moment where the author goes on an odd tangent about being persecuted for being attracted to minors. Needless to say, Piers Anthony is now on my permanent NOPE list.
  • Saga Vol. 7Goodreads – Okay so I debated on not putting this series on here at all, because at this point it’s well known that I’m not really buying was Vaughn and Staples are selling. BUT it was pretty disappointing because it’s been disappointing since about volume 2 or 3. It runs on shock value and cliches. I get that it’s about family, but it’s not a particularly strong story about family. It does have some fantastic moments, but one or two pages in an entire volume don’t equate a win.
  • All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane AndersGoodreads – So I DNFed this in 2015, but a book group of mine decided to read this one so I dove in again. I wanted to like it, but it’s just so simple and cliche. There is a ton going on, but somehow it feels like nothing is happening and just spreads itself out like too little peanut butter on a huge piece of bread. I don’t get the hype and love for it at all.
  • The Stand by Stephen King Goodreads – So many people say this is one of King’s best, I personally say it could have been edited down to normal size and still accomplished the same thing. There is character development and there is a series of character studies mushed into a single novel with a little plot in between, guess which one this one was…Lots of cool ideas buried deep under a ton of unlikable characters and pointless events.
  • In the Vanishers’ Palace by Aliette de BodardGoodreads – I was really looking forward to this one because I’ve heard amazing things about another book of hers. I guess the lesson I learned last year, is to just read the one I want to and not grab the newest. It’s still a good story and definitely one that is dependant on the reader, but I found it to be a bit of a mess. Review
  • Night Shift by Stephen KingGoodreads – I finally get the joke that Stephen King will write a story about anything. There were some interesting ones in here, but the vast majority of them had me trying to figure out how they made it past the cutting room floor. Review
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3 Responses to Most Disappointing Books of 2018

  1. Zezee says:

    “Lots of cool ideas buried deep under a ton of unlikable characters and pointless events.” << YESSS!!! I so agree with you about the Stand. I just gave up on it a couple days ago. I don't see what's so great about it and think it needed a good edit and to be shortened. Ugh! Hated it.

  2. Jia Xuan says:

    This is quite a list! I’ve not read any of these books (which does make me feel like I’ve dodged a bullet somehow), but I’ll definitely watch out for those Stephen King books (I didn’t like Cell, just saying).

  3. Annemieke says:

    I am kind of scared of The Three Body Problem because of the potential stiffness I did sense of the prologue when I tried it for the first chapter tag last year. But it still does really interest me, plot wise and all. Hmm.
    Sorry to hear about Saga. 😦

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