Tell Me Tuesday #90

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I’m trying to slide back into posting regularly since my mind isn’t totally against it right now. So I’m hoping my reading picks up because I’ve only read 4 books and none of them have been very lengthy.



  • Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire  – Goodreads – This one wasn’t my favorite but I quite enjoyed it nonetheless. You can check my review here, it does have some spoilers for book one so don’t read it unless you’re okay with that!
  • In an Absent Dream by Seanan McGuire – Goodreads – This one might just be my favorite of the series! It checked all of my boxes for portal fantasy worlds that I would love to be in with it’s structured fantastical nature. My review of this one will be posted on Thursday!
  • I Spy the Illuminati Eye by Sheila KeenanGoodreads – This one is a mixed bag. I think the cover markets it as one thing and it is a bit different on the inside, which makes me think it’s going to be a hard sell for some. It’s about conspiracy theories like the Illuminate and Reptile People, but it focuses on critical thinking and doing research into things before believing them. It has actual history versus the poorly connected theories, and a few little activities to go along with it. I liked it, but I think a lot of parents might skip them one because none of that is on the cover.


max & the midknights

  • Max & the Midknights by Lincoln PeirceGoodreads – This is another middle-grade novel I was sent to review, so I’m trying to tackle it now that I”m semi in the mood to read. So far it’s fairly cute. It’s kind of in the same vein of Big Nate, Dog Man, and Captain Underpants.

Other Updates


Shadow of the Tomb Raider – I’m still neck deep in this one, and I’ve discovered picture mode. So I can play with different angles, filters, and expressions when I take screenshots.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms – This is an idle game that I’ve been sinking a ton of time into for the past week or so. There isn’t much to it, but I enjoy idle games quite a bit when I’m stressed out. Plus this one is Dungeons & Dragons-based.

Xbox Gamertag – Shadowrose96 (The only multiplayer game I play with any frequency is The Elder Scrolls Online, but I’d love to connect with you if you’d like. I’m always checking out my community feed to see what others are playing)

I’ve also been trying to make a return to drawing. I used to draw almost every day back in school, but when I graduated I sort of slowed down and then I developed hand tremors in college. So I just sort of stopped but I have been seeing others around me enjoying it and I miss it. So I’m trying to do a little one drawing a day, even if it turns out to be hot garbage.

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7 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday #90

  1. Greg says:

    I love that art for Tomb Raider. Totally gives me a Brom vibe. And the McGuire books sound like awesome portal fantasy.

  2. A Medieval Captain Underpants? Sounds great! 😃

    Wow the picture mode sounds fab. Are you going to be sharing any of your screenshots? You should put them up on IG. 👍✨

    I loved the drawing you posted to Instagram. Yes, you should keep going. ✏

    Thanks for TMTing. 💜✨

    • I can certainly share some of my screenshots on IG!

      I’m glad you liked my little mushroom dude! I haven’t drawn a ton more than I feel is decent enough to share, but I have discovered that while I am bad at anything vaguely humanoid I can draw eyes. So you might see some of those on IG soon.

      • Yes! 👍✨

        And I forgot to ask, what are idle games? 💻

      • They are games that basically run on their own while you are away. Typically the common goal is to earn money to upgrade your assets whatever they might be in the games, in this one it’s to level up each character so they can do more damage. (In others it might be businesses for example). You can then reset your progress after a time on your game altering upgrades for better revenue gain, and start over.

        In this one you have adventurers that go through missions, and the more money you get the more people you can recruit and then level up. It has a variety of missions and characters you can earn, and actual story line which is somewhat rare for these types of games. Normally they are very one note and have no true story line.

        Hopefully that’s not confusing, lol.

  3. When I used to teach at the middle school, the students were always hiding Illuminati symbols everywhere. It was a thing I didn’t quite understand lol.

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