Tell Me Tuesday #89

It’s been a while since I did a TMT, and while I’m not doing a whole lot of reading at the moment I still wanted to participate. I’ve been gaming mostly these past few weeks since we ended up with new things to play thanks to Christmas and store trade ins.


Dragons in a Bag by Zetta Elliot Goodreads – I already posted a review of this one, here, so you can hop over there for my full thoughts. Overall I really enjoyed this one! I loved that it’s based out of a big city and a focus on family.


Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire  – Goodreads – I lost track of time and forgot to listen to this one so I could get a review of In an Absent Dream up this week. My mind has been all over the place, but I’m finally digging in. This one has a less grim thread, but it’s still pretty dark at times even with the world made of candy and sugar. It’s not as good as the previous two, but still enjoyable. 

In an Abset Dream by Seanan McGuireGoodreads – Technically haven’t started this one yet, but I should before the end of the day. I’m super excited about this one though because it deals with a character I’m super curious about. 

Other Updates

I have been deep into video games these past few weeks as I deal with anxiety. I’m doing a bit of my achievement hunting on Xbox, or what I can do before I run out of games/skill. 

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – My brother gave me this one for Christmas and it feels so good to back with Lara on her (slightly terrifying) adventures. I’m not very far in because I’ve been doing all the extra tombs and challenges but I’m really enjoying it. 

Castaway Paradise – This is an Animal Crossing-like game that I got on sale last year. I’ve been working on the achievements since then because I had a few that required very specific things that took time to achieve. But as of a few hours ago I’ve 100% completed it!

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6 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday #89

  1. Hannie says:

    Castaway Paradise sounds like fun! I’m very into My Time at Portia and Sims 4 when I want some relaxing gaming time! I’m kind of in-between games at the moment because I can’t find a new game I’m really invested in.

    • I’ve been watching gameplay for my Time at Portia and I really want to play it! I’m waiting for the console release in Spring. I understand the feeling, and I spend much of year ‘in between games’ because of it. I Just randomly have moments where I can play pretty much anything set in front of me and be content, like right now. I’ve play some truly terrible games because of this, lol.

  2. Greg says:

    That Tomb Raider game looks pretty fun- I haven’t been reading either but instead of gaming I’ve been binging shows- gaming sounds more fun though. 🙂

  3. I added Dragons in a Bag to my Kindle list, so if it goes on sale I can nab it. I will also keep looking on Hoopla for it. 👍✨

    I liked Every Heart a Doorway, but I thought it was way too predictable. I still want to read the other novelkas, though. 😊

    All the evenings I spent being the navigator for my ex playing Tomb Raider and Resident Evil brings back memories. Ha ha. They made me too nervous to play, so I was glad he was bad with directions, so I could tell him which way to go and also help solve puzzles. It was better than having to just sit there and watch him play. 😁

    • I hope you get a chance to read it!
      The Wayward Children series is kind of predictable in areas, and I don’t think that really goes away. I readily admit that I adore portal fantasy beyond all reason, I even watch a lot of similar anime with the same idea. So I have a high tolerance for the predictability.

      I used to do that for my friends too! I didn’t have anyone to do the same for me though, so I spent a lot of time pausing and reading for the early Tomb Raider games. The new games are so much more nerve-wracking though. The bad thing about great graphics is that it taps into my fear of heights a lot easier, so I spend a lot of the game super nervous. I’m still loving it despite that though.

  4. And thanks for TMTing! 💜✨

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