Audiobook Review: Fairy Mom and Me by Sophie Kinsella

Source: Library
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Series: Fairy Mom & Me #1
Narrator: Cassandra Morris
Edition: Audiobook, 1 Hours 22 Minutes
Genre: Children’s Fantasy
Purchase: Amazon / Audible / Barnes & Noble
Rating: 3/5 Stars

From the bestselling author of the Shopaholic series and our YA Finding Audrey, comes the first of a duology for young readers about a girl learning to become a fairy from her imperfect fairy mom, with a tech twist.

Ella Brook can’t wait to grow up, because one day she will become a fairy and have her own sparkly wings and a teacher on Fairy Tube, just like her mom! Until then, Ella has to learn by watching her mom in action. But sometimes spells go wrong, and Ella’s mom can never seem to remember the right magic codes. A lot of the time, it’s up to Ella to come to the rescue. Does she have what it takes to be a fairy one day? Or will there be more glitches than glitter? 

Fairy Mom and Me is the first book in Sophie Kinsella’s first ever children’s series, with a focus on family, magic, and fun!

Ella Brook has a bit of a family secret. Her mother is a fairy and one day she will be one too. The secret would be easy to keep, but her mom has a bit of trouble with remember her spells and it causes a bit of mayhem here and there. This is such a light-hearted and fun little set of stories, each one focused on a particular problem that she or her mother try to tackle. Each story touches on running themes such as patience, support, integrity, and friendship. I love the close relationship Ella has with her mother, and how she looks up to as a fairy even though she messes up more spells than she gets right. It’s so rare to see a book that focuses not only on issues that children have to navigate but to also see a parent going through those same issues, I think it does wonders in letting kids know that adults make mistakes too.

This is not my typical type of reading even when I was a kid, as it’s a bit too cutesy for my tastes but I can see the over the top adorableness would work well for the younger kids. The physical copy also has really cute illustrations to look at while you read.

I personally listened to the audiobook version of this and think it worked quite well. Cassandra really nails the voices and brings forward a lot of enthusiasm to the reading.

Overall I think this would a good one for young readers, with plenty of little lessons to be learned and fun to be had.

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1 Response to Audiobook Review: Fairy Mom and Me by Sophie Kinsella

  1. Jia Xuan says:

    Children’s books can be so adorable sometimes! This isn’t my preferred style of books as well, but it sounds like quite a fun read

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