Tell Me Tuesday #87

I am having a really bad two weeks of anxiety thanks to the two job interviews I have/had. One is on Thursday and I’ve been all nerves since last night. So I’m hoping to lose myself in books and video games until I get it over with.


Inkling by Kenneth Oppel: 4 Stars ✬✬✬✬- A lovely age appropriate middle grade that is fun and engaging. It presents tough topics like the death of a family member in a gentle way, while still managing to remain upbeat. 

Firestarter by Stephen King: 4 Stars ✬✬✬✬ – I had a feeling this would be one of the King novels I would really enjoy! It dives right in and does’t spend forever with set up, the two main characters are actually likeable and easy to relate to, and it doesn’t end with you needing a scalding shower because it leaves you feeling gross. Definitely happy I stuck with the group up to this point. 


Ball Lightning by Cixin Liu – I am almost done with this one and I’m not all that impressed by it. The science is really interesting but it’s dense, add that to the really stiff and somewhat flat writing style and it’s a slog. This might be a translation issue. 

Not The Bad by Roxane Gay – I just started this one and while it is a tough read, I am finding it really interesting. The essays are done by a whole host of people about their experiences dealing with the effects of rape culture. 

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2 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday #87

  1. Fingers, eyes, and toes crossed about your job interviews. 👍✨
    I need to read Inklng! 😀
    Thanks for TMTing. 💜

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