Sunday #323

The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

I forgot to schedule anything for last week and didn’t realize it until Thursday evening, so I just called it a miss. Sorry about that! I’m feeling very lazy, which is in part due to Thanksgiving food and my general dislike for these last two months of the year. I tend to sequester myself away from people as much as possible in Nov & Dec. 

The new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 came out this past week as well, so I’m working my way through the new ones with the boyfriend and the old ones in my alone time. I did this last year as well, so perhaps this will be a bit of a tradition for this time of year. If you like movies enough to want a goodreads-like database, you can check out my movie watching over on Letterboxd! Let me know if you have an account, I’ll give you a follow. 

Books Read


Last Week


Book Haul

….I bet you can’t guess what goes here! Nothing! 

Super quite on the blog this week! Hopefully I can get myself into gear this week and get you guys some content. 

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4 Responses to Sunday #323

  1. Greg says:

    Mystery science Theater sounds fun. I’ve only ever seen a few of the old ones, I didn’t even know there was a new season or that it was still going!

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving- and have a good week !

    • Yep! This year is the 30th year of MST3K, the new stuff is on Netflix along with some of the older ones. It’s kind of sacrilege to say this, but I prefer the new ones. If you ever feel the need to check it out again, I’d start there. Jonah does a good job.

  2. Sometimes having no book haul is a good thing. Ha ha. 👍✨

    I will check out Letterboxd. 🎥

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