Tell Me Tuesday #75


Hosted by La La in the Library

La La is hosting a giveaway on her Tell Me Tuesday this week in celebration of her 200th TMT post! That’s 4 years! Stop by and leave her a comment!


The Shining

  • The Shining by Stephen King – So I finished this one last week and really enjoyed it! I wouldn’t call it scary personally, but it was definitely creepy and included one of my favorite things. The slow descent into all-consuming madness. I decided to watch the movie for the first time as well, and pretty much hated it. The casting seemed wrong, the acting wasn’t great, and and it just didn’t have that creep factor.


  • Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine – I’m a little over halfway done with this and still enjoying it quite a bit. It moves pretty quickly now that I’m past the first few chapters. I was doing this with a chapter a day group, but I either read far ahead or lag behind…so I kind of gave up on that.
  • Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler – A group of us on Litsy are doing this as a buddy read, and I’m playing a bit of catch up and enjoying it a lot. It’s an odd sort of book, but I’m curious to see how it progresses.


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4 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday #75

  1. Greg says:

    Paper and Fire is definitely one I might need to get at some point.

  2. I think I have all of Octavia E. Butler’s books as ebooks, now. I think I also have all of her short story collections, too. I have only read Kindred so far and I loved it. Maybe I’ll read this duology next. 💜

    Are you going to read the sequel, Dr.Sleep? 📚

    Thanks for TMTing so faithfully, and also linking my giveaway. I need all the help I can get because my giveaways never seem to do very well. 👍

    • Kindred was a fantastic read. So far I am enjoying Parable. The setting is in this kind of grey area between post-apocalyptic (not that drastic) and dystopian, that you don’t really see that often in books. It’s incredibly hard to describe though.

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