Graphic Novel Review: Herding Cats by Sarah Andersen

Herding Cats

Source: Netgalley – I received this in exchange for an honest review. I received no compensation and all opinions are my own. 
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Series: Sarah’s Scribbles #3
 Paperback, 108 Pages
 Comics Humor
Purchase: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository

Sarah valiantly struggles with waking up in the morning, being productive, and dealing with social situations.

Sarah’s Scribbles is the comic strip that follows her life, finding humor in living as an adulting introvert that is at times weird, awkward, and embarrassing.

Herding Cats is my first Sarah Scribbles comic, though I have seen a few of her strips floating around the internet.

I love webcomics especially the ones that touch on things I deal with daily…like cats, procrastination and anxiety around pretty much anything human. I knew that Sarah’s comics dealt with all of those things and I just had to finally try one of her collected volumes, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I find her humor pretty on point with my own life, and so many of these comics seem like they might be pulled from my own. Not to mention her adorable style makes all of it even better.


It’s definitely one of those books that you find yourself reading in solidarity with the author and muttering, ‘me too’. It touches on things that are not all that funny (like the crippling social anxiety that leaves me wrecked the night after a single innocent conversation) and turns it into something that I can smile about, which to me is perfect.

Sarah also includes a short essay in the back about being creative and continuing your to follow your dreams. I thought it was a nice touch even though I’m not personally artistically inclined.

Overall I think this is a cute collection that’s good for some laughs. I will say that if you follow her artwork a lot online then I’m not sure if it offers anything new here, but you can’t beat the convenience of having them on hand.

4 stars


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1 Response to Graphic Novel Review: Herding Cats by Sarah Andersen

  1. I haven’t read and of her full length books, but I do enjoy the strips see here and there on the internet. ☺ Thanks for sharing your review.

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