Tell Me Tuesday #68


Hosted by La La in the Library


  • Curse Words Vol. 1: The Devil’s Devil – This was such a weird one, but enjoyable. Someone who recommended it to me called it  ‘stupid fun’ and that is exactly what it is.
  • Dune by Frank Herbert – I have finally finished this! I’m a few days behind the group, but I’m glad I took my time with it. This is a book that takes itself so seriously and it makes for a dense read, but it’s a good one once you get into the meat of it. I probably won’t continue on the second one anytime soon unless the group I was reading with decides to.
  • Not Pictured: As You Like It by William Shakespeare – This is another fun read, and a bit on the stupid side as well. I find myself coming to terms with the fact that Shakespeare, while good makes some pretty awful mistakes in terms of writing. Like his characters will change their entire way of being at the drop of a hat, and his endings always seem to be abrupt. And he will throw in the weirdest additions for no apparent reason. I know much of it is due to time constraints of the play format, but it seems like he gets lauded as infallible when in reality he frequently fell prey to the same hiccups as most other plays.

Current Reads

  • Tehanu by Ursula K. Le Guin – I spent the weekend reading the ones I polished off and neglected this one, so it’s now my focus. I have to lighten my reading load a bit. The time jump from the third book is a bit odd, but I am glad to see that women are finally getting more time to be fleshed out.
  • Stolen Enchantress by Amber Argyle – This came out yesterday and I need to get a review up ASAP…which kind of sucks because my brain is mush. But I will get through this because I love Amber’s work and always make time for her. Mushy brain be damned.
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3 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday #68

  1. Greg says:

    I never read beyond the first Dune book either, although I’ve been curious a few times…

  2. Yay for Dune! Baz didn’t read the other two books the first time he read Dune, but he did the second time. Come to think of it, I didn’t read the next two the first time I read Dune either. Ha ha.☺

    I love the cover of Stolen Enchantress! 🙌

    Thanks for TMTing! I’m sharing your links now. 💜

    • I haven’t seen any word on the group continuing it yet, so I think we all might have needed a bit of break after finishing. It’s a good read, it’s just so dense and serious.
      I love Amber’s covers, she always manages to find the most interesting artists it seems. I was a little worried about the book initially (plot-wise) but she took everything in a different direction than I was expecting and I am all for it now.

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