Tell Me Tuesday #64


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FIre in Frost

  • Fire in Frost by Alicia Rades – I started this back in February of last year and never finished it, so I decided to blaze through it on a day I didn’t feel like delving into my larger reads. It was quick and easy, though it does address some domestic abuse. I’m sort of torn on its inclusion. It brings up the valid point that abuse happens in high school as well as well as providing support for those who are going through it, but it stays a light read. At any rate it’s a decent paranormal mystery novel.

Currently Reading

  • Dune by Frank Herbert – We are into the second part of Dune now, and I’m enjoying it more than I was a week ago. The info dumps of the first part were getting to me, but once it got out of the meeting rooms and out into the world it got a lot more interesting.
  • The Book of Lost Tales Part One by J.R.R. Tolkien –
  • The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K. Le Guin – This one is more interesting than the first book, but not a lot has happened. It’s mostly been explaining the role of the main character in her religion as well as her life within the Tombs, and now that we are halfway done it’s finally starting to feel like the story is truly getting started.

Gaming Updates

  • I finished a point and click called Lost Grimores: Stolen Kingdom. It was a decent one, but I found myself mostly bored with it by the time I hit 100%.
  • I started a platformer called Super Lucky’s Tale and it’s pretty fun. It’s aimed towards kids (which seems rare these days) so it’s not terribly difficult, but it’s got just enough challenge to it that it keeps you paying attention.
  • I’m also playing through Agents of Mayhem, which is pretty fun as well and great for days when you don’t want to think or truly pay attention.

Other Updates

  • Finn (kitten) has been a raging jerk these past few weeks. I’m hoping it’s just the fact that he’s getting older and dealing with a surplus of hormones because at this rate I’m going to go crazy. He has days where he is the sweetest cat who enjoys playing like normal, and days where he goes full-on maniac and attacks me and everything within a radius. It’s tiring to have to tell him no 80 times over the same thing. Only a month and hopefully the mood swings will chill out after his alteration surgery.
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2 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday #64

  1. Greg says:

    Our male cat mellowed after his surgery but he’s still a handful at times, probably cause he’s still young. He cracks me up though, he’ll get on the table and I’ll tell him to get down, he ignores me, I get up and JUST when I’m within reach he flees. He’s figured out the distances lol. Although the water sprayer was a victory for me. He sees that and he goes heh.

  2. Both of the last two male kittens we had were jerks at first. With one of them I would come home from work and most of the curtains would be pulled down and chairs knocked over. He also liked to bite! There was a lost and found ad in the newspaper from one street over that matched his description perfectly (we had brought him in after he had been hanging out on our enclosed back porch for a few days), and he even perked his ears to the name the ad gave, but when I called the man said, “no,” it was not their cat. I asked if they had found him and he hung up the phone. I heard kids in the background, so I think he just put the ad in the paper to make them think he was looking for him, but he really didn’t want him back because the kitten was wild, ha ha. He ultimately turned into the mildest mannered cat, but it took a while even after he was neutered. 🙀

    I am glad you are liking Dune. Baz is almost finished with the third book. 🚀

    Thanks, again, for TMTing! 💜💜💜

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