Site Review: Dog Food Reviews

Today I will be doing a review that is a bit different from my usual books and comics. I was approached by the people at to check out their sites’ newly updated Dog Food reviews. I really rely on the reviews when it comes to dog food because I want the best for my pup but I’m not made of money. So I want the best quality for what I can afford.

2018-01-17 (1)


So how does stand out from the other dog review sites out there? So far it seems to be the only one I’ve personally found or used that has an almost exhaustive amount of information in an easy to read and use format. They tested over 3,000 dog food formulas!  They even have several disqualifiers for dog food that doesn’t past their quality checks, and under each, you get an explanation of said disqualifier and a drop-down list of all the dog food (both wet and dry) that fall under that category. For example:

2018-01-17 (3)


When I read other sites I get this information on each individual brand I look up, but without a list to simply look at it makes it difficult to do quick research on a variety of brands without spending a lot of time going back and forth between pages to compare. At they are all listed right there. Looking for a dog food and want to make sure it doesn’t have low quality or mystery meat in it? They have a drop down list devoted to that. One of the first things I did was check to see my pup’s food was listed on any of the drop-down categories and made note of several brands I had thought about switching to that have things unacceptable to me like garlic and onions.

They even have some really nice infographics that to help you out when picking out a food like “What to Look for” and the “Pros and Cons of Dry, Wet, and Raw”. When listing their favorite brands they take the time to show the number of formulas to choose from as well as the price of each per pound. Obviously, the nicer brands are more expensive, but even if you are like me and can’t afford to pay $50 for a 15-pound bag of food it’s extremely nice to be able to really research and compare.



Overall I think this site is an excellent resource for dog owners to have. We can get so bombarded with what to/what not to feed our pets that it can be overwhelming. Walking down the dog food aisle can be extremely stressful when you’re not really sure what to look for and I think that can certainly help relieve some of that stress.

5 stars


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2 Responses to Site Review: Dog Food Reviews

  1. Do they have one for cat food? 🙂

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