Readathons for 2018

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Hosted by Caffeinated Reader

I’m super excited to join in Caffeinated Reader’s revival of the Fraterfest readathon! This is where we read all of our spooky books, paranormal tales, and heart racing thrillers! I don’t really do TBR’s very well since I almost always go off of them fairly quickly but here are some of the books I’d love to get to during this week.

Readathon TBR

EXTRA CREDIT ANNOUNCEMENTCompleted – 2 Prompts finished

This is an Extra Credit assignment for the OWLs Readathon hosted by Book Roast! This is just to hold us over until that one rolls around next year, and there may be other classes added before that time as well. Essentially if we finish books during this we get more time for this particular class during OWLs.

Prompts & TBR




October 20th

The famous Dewey’s 24 HR Readathon! I adore this readathon even though it’s hard to make time for. Hopefully, I get to tackle a decent amount!