Tell Me Tuesday #55


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The Children of Hurin

  • The Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien – Last week was light on reading due to being so busy a work. We had extra help from corporate come in and it was entirely too noisy to enjoy an audio AND be able to concentrate. But We did finish Hurin over the weekend, and it was such a good tale. Depressing, but good.

Currently Reading

  • Seduction by Brenda Joyce –  I started this last week and I’m halfway through and really enjoying it. I needed something lighter to balance out all the in-depth Tolkien stuff I’ve been reading.
  • Beren and Luthien by J.R.R. Tolkien – We just started this yesterday and haven’t really gotten into the meat of the tale, so far it’s been a few chapters of set up and explanation.
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2 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday #55

  1. Greg says:

    I’m thinking of reading Beren & Luthien. Looks like Alan Lee illustrations too…

  2. Oooo… Beren and Luthien is new to me. Someday I will sit down and look at a Tolkien complete catalogue. Hang in there with the extra work, Christmas will be over soon. Ha ha. Thanks for TMTing! 🙂

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