Tell Me Tuesday #52


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  • Chew Vol. 2: International Flavor – This series is so weird, but I think I love it. It’s a lot of fun and the farther along we go the more curious I am to see what exactly is going on.
  • The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien – We finished this up this past weekend! It’s such a tough read and I see why so many people say they’ve had trouble with it, but I adore it. It’s beautifully written and adds so much to the Middle Earth mythos.
  • Monstress Vol. 1: Awakening – The art in this is absolutely gorgeous. The story is a tad confusing at first, but once I caught on to what was happening I was hooked. I do kind of hate that comics always push you into the deep end at first and keep the air of mystery for as long a possible.

Currently Read


  • The Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien – We started this one on Sunday! I bought the audiobook to help me get through the work week without falling behind. I just finished the Silmarillion which briefly goes over the story, but I look forward to seeing it full play out.
  • A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab – I keep stopping in the middle of chapters on this one, but it’s really no fault of the story itself. It’s just as good as the previous books, I just have an issue completing series I think.
  • Strange Weather by Joe Hill – This is a collection of four short stories. I’m on the second story now and it’s fantastic. The first is called Snapshot, and it definitely captures why I like Joe Hill. It’s creepy, but it’s not something that hits you instead it slowly envelops you.
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5 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday #52

  1. Greg says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting Children of Hurin, but wasn’t sure about it. Glad you liked the Silmarillion! I should re- read it some day, I’ve forgotten a LOT I’m sure.

  2. The Joe Hill short story collection sounds interesting. I have The Children of Hurin as an ebook. I am going to be re-reading the Hobbit and the LotR books next year (hopefully) and it would be interesting if you think I should read it before, or after the re-reads.

    Thanks for TMTing! 💜

    • I think it depends on if you want to read timeline order or publication order. I personally prefer publication order, so after the LotR books. It just feels right for me, but it’s definitely not as dense as the Silmarillion so it would do well before The Hobbit. You might pick up on the tiny little references to the characters in Children during your read of LotR if you read it before hand. But if you don’t want to, the Introduction section actually has the passages from LotR that talk about the story so you don’t have to worry about missing them!

  3. Perfect way to describe Joe Hill Michelle 🙂

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