Dog Days of Summer Dog Tag

Dog Days Tag

I was tagged over at La La in the Library to do this tag and I’m loving it! If you are a dog/animal lover like me consider yourself tagged! If you do answer the questions make sure to drop a link below and over at La La and/or Jo’s blogs!

1. What was the name of your first dog? 

Cody and Daisy1

My first dog was named Cody (the black lab in the photo, the yellow lab was Daisy), or Cody-bear. We got him when I was about 5 or 6 from the animal shelter when he was just a puppy, and he & Daisy were my play pals and confidants.

2. Do you have a dog now?

Yes! I technically only have one, but I live with two others that belong to my parents. Leia is my 6-year-old boxer-lab mix, named after Princess Leia. When she was a puppy her ears were gigantic, more so than they are in that picture, and so I immediately thought of Leia’s hair. Turns out the name is utterly perfect for her. She’s incredibly smart, has enough attitude for four dogs, and pretty much runs the show. Chewbacca, or Chewie, is my mom’s 13-year-old Silky Terrier. Kylo is my dad’s 2-year-old lab-pit mix.

3. What is your favorite dog breed?


The Irish Wolfhound is my favorite! I love big dogs in general, but the Wolfhound is just so perfect. It’s like the perfect blend of classy and scruffy. Plus anything that’s basically as big as me or taller is just a win in my book.

But shelter dogs and rescues will always be my first and probably only choices, so if I ever see one in either of those places (not likely) I’ll get one.

4. What is your favorite canine themed book?

Digging to the Center

I generally don’t read dog books…because people seem to think the book requires the dog to die in order to get a reaction. So the closest thing I have is my dear old Wishbone! This was the first Wishbone book I ever got as a kid, and I’ve read it dozens of times.

5. Who is your favorite fictional dog?


….I didn’t realize this question was going to be next when I typed up the Wishbone thing but here he is again! When it comes to pets in books or animal focused books I generally don’t end up with a favorite dog (cat maybe), so Wishbone is always the first one I think of. The show itself was a big part of my love of reading as a kid and the books helped me transition into classic novels easily.

6. What is your favorite movie with a featured canine?

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey!  Chance and Shadow are perfection, as is Sassy. This is one of the few animal movies I’ll watch and it was a favorite when I was a kid. You’ll still probably tear up at times, but it’s so worth it.

7. Do you consider yourself a dog or a cat person? Why?

Hmm, my first instinct to say I’m an animal person in general. If given the option of humans or dogs/cats, I’ll pick the four legged variety every time. I’ve had both my entire life, but I think I’d have to go with cats. They are generally quieter, even when loud, and more independent. They also have the best cuddles and are pretty damn cute. Cats make you feel like you have a tiny adorable god in your presence like you have to take cues from it. Dogs make me feel like a parent. I’ve never had a cat that made me say any of the following: “What do you have in your mouth? Spit it out!” “Where is —–, it’s too quiet.” “Put that down!” Instead, it’s usually me apologizing for waking them up with my giant human feet noises, supplying them with copious treats, and barraging them with numerous questions on their well being. It’s an odd relationship, but I prefer it.

Bonus Question – Tell Us About a Dog Related Memory

When I was about 9 or so, my brother got a pitbull mix puppy but in the same year ended up joining the Marines. So we ended up with Oreo. Unfortunately, his life was a short one, as he was hit by a car before he ever had the chance to turn one. BUT the time we did have together was amazing. He was my buddy. When we first got him he had to wear one of those cones because he had a massive wound running along his spine where a bulldog attacked him. He was miserable in that thing and I took it upon myself to baby him relentlessly. I took one of those large banana boxes and placed a big pillow in it for him, and when he had settled in I would cover him up with a blanket and read to him. He was a dog that had endless energy so it’s amazing he ever stayed put, but he did. He would just lay there and listen to me, and eventually, drift off to sleep. I’ve read to a lot of my dogs, but Oreo was the one that started it.

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6 Responses to Dog Days of Summer Dog Tag

  1. Greg says:

    Beautiful dogs! I love Labs. And I’ve always liked big dogs in general. I have kinda the same feelings about cats- they’re just so much more aloof and independent, like if they didn’t need food or could get outside they wouldn’t really need me at all lol. Dogs are awesome though!

  2. I love Wishbone! My kids and I would watch the TV show all the time. Thanks for doing the dog tag!

  3. You have a very Star Wars dog pack! I didn’t even have to guess your fictional canine character. Ha! Maybe I’ll have Baz haul his life sized Wishbone cutout out of the backroom and get his picture with it. I will add some of his favorite children’s dog books to my post about mine. I love Irish Wolfhounds, too. I love your story about Oreo. Thanks for doing the tag. I loved your answers. ❤

    I am adding your link. 🙂

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