Audiobook Review: The Woodsman by Belle Scarlett

The WoodsmanSource: Audavoxx/Author – I received this in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Publisher: Audible
Series: The Enchanted Lovers #1
Narrator: Honey Scarlett, Leeroy Will
Edition: Audiobook, 2  Hours 39 Minutes
Genre: Fantasy Erotica
Purchase: Amazon / Audible / Barnes & Noble
Rating: 4/5 Stars

En route to becoming an elderly marquis’ arranged bride, Lady Lily Rouge’s carriage becomes stranded in an Enchanted Forest rumored to be populated by loup-garou and le gobelin, where cursed creatures are consigned until the spells that bind them are broken. A huge black wolf stalks Lily, forcing her to shelter in a rustic cottage. In the morning, she comes under the protection of the cottage’s owner, a ruggedly handsome (and naked!) woodsman. He’s determined to seduce her before sundown, even if it means giving the nosey pixies fluttering outside the window an eyeful.Sir Marrok Ulfang has been impatiently awaiting the arrival of the comely maiden in the red cloak for over a millennium. Now he has one day to win her heart and claim her first sexual surrender, or he’ll remain a wolf shapeshifter, alone forever. But spirited, saucy Lily has a mind of her own, and the daylight is fading fast.Meanwhile, the one who cursed Marrok lurks in the forest and will fight to keep the couple from leaving together alive…


The Woodsman is a fun little romp through an enchanted forest, and a perfect listen for a weekend afternoon spent relaxing at home.

Our story centers around Lily Rouge, a maiden on a journey to be married to a marquis, and Marrok, a man cursed to live forever in the enchanted forest as a werewolf. The story starts off steamy and teasing as Lily’s mind wanders during her travels, but pulls back to allow us time to get to know Marrok and his plight…and to see the chemistry between them. I loved the delightful twist to the fairy tales we all know by adding a little of non-fairy tales and a dash of lore. It sort of makes the enchanted woods a character in its own right as it plays host to countless legends. The romance between Lily and Marrok is heated from the moment they meet, and I quite liked the nice balance they played to each other. For all her ‘innocence’ she is full of brazen wit that toys with Marrok’s gentlemanly restraint and manners, and it’s really nice to see an alpha who places his lady’s comfort, life, and needs above his own.

The narrators are the team of Honey Scarlett and Leeroy Will, with Honey reading Lily’s sections and Leeroy reading Marrok’s. Initially when listening to the sample what caught my attention was the use of sound effects, which isn’t something I see a lot of in audiobooks but do usually enjoy. I do think there were some effects that could have been slightly more varied, but I really liked the use of the ambient noise for the settings and the creatures around them. Both Honey and Leeroy seem quite capable of dishing a nice number of different voices as well and capturing the emotion needed, making the listening experience pretty fun.

Overall I’d say listening to this was a pretty good way to spend a few hours. It’s a fun little tale with plenty of steam and some pretty unique ideas for a book so short.

4 stars

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