Tell Me Tuesday (39)


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Last Read

  • Dawn of the Arcana Vol. 1 – Goodreads: A random pick from the library which turned out to be a decent read. It shows promise but has some issues.
  • Soulless Vol. 2 – Goodreads: Another read that served to clean off space on my shelf. Like the first one it was a pretty good read and the story serves well in manga format!

Current Reads

  • Mass Effect Andromeda: Nexus Uprising by Jason M. Hough – Goodreads: I just started this so I’m only on page 11, but so far it’s pretty good. It centers around a character in the video game and how she came to be where she was.
  • Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris – Goodreads: Slow going because I don’t feel like reading much at the moment. It’s not bad, but I see where it’s going and I’m not even a third of the way through.
  • Crane by Stacey Rourke – Goodreads: I sort of stalled out on this one, but I plan to pick it back up in the next day or so.

Next Reads

  • Shadow Born by Jasmine Walt & Rebecca Hamilton
  • The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
  • Supermutant Magic Academy

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3 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday (39)

  1. I really enjoyed The Hate U Give. I will be looking forward to your review.

  2. Crane has and interesting cover. I also can’t wait to hear what you think of The Hate U Give. Thanks for TMTing!

  3. Greg Hill says:

    Mass Effect and Supermutant Magic Academy (love that title) look fun!

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