Manga Review: Demon Diary Vol. 4


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demon-diary-vol-4Source: Library  
Publisher: Tokyo Pop
Series: Demon Diary #4
 Paperback, 192 Pages
Purchase: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository
Rating: 3/5

Gods and demons wage a never-ending battle with the mortal realm of Earth as their battlefield. As with most long-standing feuds, the reasons are no longer important–hatred is a way of life. But it is foretold that one will arise who can restore harmony between gods and demons. Enter Raenef, heir to demon royalty. But he is hardly regal material. Therefore, the demon king assigns Eclipse to be his tutor and to mold Raenef into proper demon shape. The two begin a journey of discovery and are soon joined by a human knight and a god-blessed priest.

Demon Diary is another manga series I started years ago in high school and never finished (because manga is expensive). I remember adoring the first three volumes and I was pretty worried that the nostalgia wold leads me astray like Tokyo Mew Mew did (holy crap that was a painful series). I did a quick re-read of the previous three volumes and I’m happy to say they were still fun!

Volume 4 we get to see Raenef under pressure to become stronger and stop being the bubbly naive demon lord that he is and to become one who strikes fear in those around him. He wants to prove to Eclipse he isn’t worthless. I would say that this is probably the weakness volume so far. The story overall is odd. We have Demon Lord Krayon show up to test Raenef and steal Eclipse away, which was a pretty decent direction and it threw in a curve ball as well…but the ending was weird and raised a ton of questions. I am curious to see how this new change in Raenef will be received by other Demon Lords and how Ecplise deals with it.

The cuteness factor of Raenef is still off the charts, and I really love Chris and Erutis’ banter with each other. They add the perfect amount of humor and basically have a running commentary on how utterly ridiculous Raenef’s adorable factor is.

I can safely say that I will be requesting this next volume from the library. It’s not the most mind blowing series or a hidden masterpiece, but it is pretty damn funny and I love the artwork. (Seriously there are some stunning panels in this).

3 star

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  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    Ill keep my eye out for this one.

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