Saturday Issue Review: The Sacred Blacksmith Vol. 1


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Source: Borrowed  the-sacred-blacksmith-1
 Seven Sea
Series: The Sacred Blacksmith #1
 Paperback, 192 Pages
 Fantasy Manga
Purchase: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository
Rating: 3/5

For fans of Full Metal Alchemist and Final Fantasy comes an all new epic fantasy manga series

Like her father and grandfather before her, Cecily Campbell has entered the knighthood and joined the ranks of the Knight Guards of Houseman. Eager to do her heritage proud and defend her city, Cecily rushes to the marketplace to stop a madman from terrorizing the populace. She quickly realizes, however, that she is hopelessly outmatched and ill-prepared for an actual fight. A lone figure named Luke Ainsworth swoops to the rescue, a swordsman and blacksmith of much renown, who will repair the broken sword Cecily has inherited from her father and take her down a road of perilous adventure beyond her wildest dreams.

The Sacred Blacksmith is a fantasy manga that has promise but doesn’t really shine on its own in this first volume.

I went into this manga pretty much blind, I had never heard of it and wasn’t aware of the anime. It focuses on Cecily Campbell as she works on proving that she is worthy of her Campbell name and the knighthood she has received. In order to do this, she asks Luke Ainsworth to make her a sword if she can prove she’s worth the trouble. The storyline is pretty standard stuff, and the way it’s told doesn’t really stand out as being different either. It does have a more dark fantasy feel to it which is alternates with some lighter moments and fanservice.

I think the dark fantasy part really has some promise to it. There are some pretty cool fights in this as well as some fairly cool demons/monsters for Luke and Cecily to fight. The fanservice though was an odd fit…Most fanservice kind of fits the moment, it’s a  pin-up shot as someone jumps through the air or leans over for something…but this was just sort of forced into the story. If a fight gets so intense that it shreds clothes you’d be shredded too and considering the violence in the fights for this it’s a little weird when only a girl’s shirt gets ripped open…meanwhile, someone’s head just got lopped off. I don’t  “mind” fanservice, as you sort of just get use to it over time (though it is tiring, to be honest), but this was so sudden that it just kind of ruined the moment. I did appreciate the humor, though, and I think given more time I could come to enjoy this series.

I do like the art, it’s beautifully detailed and pretty dynamic when needed.

I’ll probably check out volume two before I make the decision on if I’ll continue forward or not, but as of right now it’s somewhat unremarkable and kind of forgettable.

3 star

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1 Response to Saturday Issue Review: The Sacred Blacksmith Vol. 1

  1. Greg Hill says:

    Sorry to hear this one wasn’t great- hopefully the next one improves!

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