Tell Me Tuesday (33)


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Last Read

  • You Can’t Touch My Hair by Phoebe Robinson  – Goodreads: I loved this! It’s a group of essays that talk about what it’s like being black, the way hair can serve to limit and define a person, and much more. Phoebe knows when to be hilarious and went to hit something home and I think she nailed it with this.
  • Desert Hunt by Anna Lower – Goodreads: This was a random pick from my massive kindle TBR. It’s a shifter romance that actually manages to get that alpha dynamic right! I actually liked Zack and never once did I feel like he was going to trap the woman in a cage and say it’s because he loves her.

Currently Reading

  • Frenzy by Casey L. Bond – Goodreads: This is another random kindle pick for me as it was on my wishlist and went free this weekend. It’s a post-apocalyptic novel that includes both vampires and zombies, so far it’s pretty good! It looks like it promises to be gritty and dangerous, so I’m hoping the weird beautification of vampires will be avoided as well.
  • Wordplay by Amalie Silver – Goodreads: Still listening to this one. I’m hoping to finish it this week, though, I’ve been listening to it too long and I need to get a move on with my review audios. I’m just having a really tough time focusing lately.

Up Next

  • Kubrick’s Game by Derek Taylor Kent – Goodreads: This is my next Audavoxx review for the newsletter and I’m super excited to listen to it! It has Jonathan Frakes who played Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Yvette Brown who played Shirley in Community narrating, which is beyond awesome!
  • The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin – Goodreads: This was this month’s pick for the Litsy Feminist Book Club…and since I missed out on finishing Hidden Figures for the discussion I’m hoping to at least attempt to get to this one.
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3 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday (33)

  1. For not being focussed you sure are chugging along! I have a review audiobook I really need to get to, but I have been putting it off because the narrator does those really loud breath intakes. I wonder if she recoirds the books at home because studios have filters for that. Anyway, it is super annoying, I set it aside three weeks ago and I really want to dnf it, but I feel bad because of the author.

    I had my hair in dreads for awhile way back when, and I can sympathize with that author about strangers touching your hair, ugh. I, however, was able to cut mine off when people got too annoying. I can’t imagine having to toletrate it as an ongoing thing. I think I will look for the book at the library.

    It is always fantastic to see a wishlist book go on sale, and even better when it is FREE! I have not ut up my TMT yet, but I am off to finish that up now. Thanks for TMTing!

    • I use to have my hair in braids all the time growing up because it was just easier to manage on a day to day basis…I ended up getting relaxers done all through out middle school because I was tired of being petted and poked all the time. I still get it on occasion, typically in the summer when the humidity reveals the true state of my hair against my will.

      I’m barely handling the book load I’m giving myself. I go days without touching anything and then I just binge it all in one day because I have to. My mind is just somewhere else lately.

  2. The hair book sounds interesting. I haven’t read a book of essays in a while. Thanks for sharing this book!

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