Flix Friday (24)


Flix Friday is a feature where I will share what I’ve been watching each week.

Tv Show


I’ve been getting back into anime and since Funimation’s site rarely wants to work properly I’ve been forced to head back to Netflix. I start this one yesterday and as I type this I have two episodes left to watch. There is only one season so far, but I really hope more are on the way because it’s a lot of fun! It has plenty of action, cool world building, excellent art, and lots of humor.


I started this last year during my sleepless nights and recently picked it back up. I’m now in the middle of season two, and it’s gotten so much better! You can tell the studio got more funding for it as the art has really improved and they are getting bolder with their the shots.

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1 Response to Flix Friday (24)

  1. Greg says:

    Adventure of Sinbad looks pretty good. If Netflix has it maybe i’ll check it out!

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