Reading & Ranting: Show Some Love to Audiobook Narrators!


I see people rave about authors all the time. I see people share their facebook pages, their instagrams, and their twitters. People share their posts and strike up friendships with them…but I’ve noticed a lack of the same for audiobook narrators. Audiobook narrators read us our favorite stories, they train themselves to use different accents and to talk for hours just to get a chapter right. They give a new life to characters with just their voices. I think that’ reason enough to spread some love around. SO! I’m posting about some of the narrators I’ve listened to below! (The audios I have pictured are only the ones I’ve listened to, most will have many many more to choose from) I’ll also post their info so you can go check them out and get to know their work! Please make sure to share some of your favorites with me in the comments, I love finding new people to listen to and I’m sure they would love having some new listeners!

Kristen James

Website / Facebook  / Twitter / Audible


Zachary Johnson

 Facebook /  Audible 


Saskia Maarleveld

Website /  Twitter / Audible

Katherine Kellgren

 Facebook / Twitter / Audible

Johanna Parker

Website / FacebookAudible


Keith Michaelson

Facebook / Twitter / Audible 

Fiona Hardingham

Website / Twitter / Audible 


Kitty Bang



Comment below with some of your favorites! Would you be interested in another post like this in the future?

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5 Responses to Reading & Ranting: Show Some Love to Audiobook Narrators!

  1. I don’t listen to audiobooks, but I love the idea for this post! We do tend to give authors all the love and credit for everything, but there are other people involved with books who deserve credit too! And being a good audiobook narrator probably isn’t easy!

  2. Jackie says:

    I agree. Narrators do great work, and some of them are even good at it :p I enjoyed listening to The Queen of The Tearling audiobooks, and I will make sure to note the name of the narrator from now on. I like Robert Petkoff, Emma Galvin, Aaron Stanford, and Davina Porter. I guess it also depends on how good the book is. I hate when the narrator sounds robotic and unenthusiastic. That is sure to put me to sleep or grate on my nerves. Great idea!

    • Robotic narrators are unfortunate. I usually up the reading speed on those.
      The only one from your list I’m familier with is Davina Porter, I have Outlander on my TBR and I listened to The Invasion of the Tearling as well. I’ll have to check out the others!

      • Jackie says:

        Robert Petkoff performs excellent in Kresley Cole’s IAD. Aaron Stanford is good in Four: A Divergent Collection. There are many others that I like for example: Tavia Gilbert performs in the Night Huntress novels by Jeaniene Frost. I used to love Phil Gigante’s deep brogue scottish accent in the Immortal Highlander series by KMM. I heard something about him being arrested for sexual offenses on a minor though and a lot of people stopped listening to him.

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