Product Reviews: Influenster Twinkle VoxBox


I received the Twinkle VoxBox from the Influenster program! This box includes several products which I have reviewed below, all of these are complimentary samples and all opinions are my own.


  • Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets
  • Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion
  • Covergirl So Lashy Mascara
  • Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo
  • Axe White Label: Night Shower Gel
  • Hills Bros Hot Cocoa
  • Oreo Thins
  • Country Crock Buttery Spread

Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion 


This is one of my favorite items from this box! This is a 16 fl oz bottle of lotion that has become a part of my daily routine. This is a daily moisturizing lotion that is really light and doesn’t have that super greasy feel to it after you apply it. It absorbs in rather quickly and keeps your skin smooth. I usually apply it once in the morning and then in the evenings near bedtime, and my skin has gotten so much softer. (I walk around barefoot a lot..on concrete. I hate wearing shoes at home.) This is definitely something I’ll be buying more of in the future!

4 stars

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

I’m always hesitant to try new products on my hair..because it’s sort of unique in the way it responds to most things. But seeing as washing my hair is more of a 3 hour thing as opposed to a 10 minute thing, I figured I’d try this out because washing my hair every day is very impractical. I’m not actually sure this did anything different to it. My hair requires me to add oils to it to keep it healthy, so it doesn’t actually get oily in the traditional sense…so this shampoo didn’t really have to do that job to begin with. However, my hair does retain smell…I could go to a pizza place at noon and the wake up the next day with pizzeria smelling hair, it’s a tad irritating…Thankfully this shampoo, while unscented, gets rid of that problem perfectly! Just a few sprays at the roots of your hair, a bit of working it through with your hands and brush, and you’re good to go. It’s quick and easy, and gets me through the days where spending 3 hours under water, combs, and straightening irons just don’t sound appealing.

4 stars

Oreo Thins

I’m a huge fan of Oreos…admittedly it’s more about the cream than the cookie for me, so I was kind of unsure how much I’d actually enjoy them. While the cream situation is a bit sad, you can’t get past the fact that Oreo makes a really good cookie. These pair with milk even better than the normal Oreos and have a crunch that can’t be beaten. That being said I’m not sure how often I would buy these, as I’m the sort of monster that will eat the cream out of an oreo and leave the cookies in the sleeve for my boyfriend to hate-eat.

3.5 stars

Covergirl So Lashy Mascara


Covergirl So Lashy Mascara flaunts an unique little applicator that looks like some sort of weird spiky magic wand…and in truth it sort of is .It allows me to get those smaller lashes near the ends of the my eyelid that I have trouble getting otherwise, so a total win there. However I did have some clumping issues that took a bit more time to fix because the mascara sort of globs onto the brush and it’s hard to get scrap off excess due to how the bottle is shaped at the top. It comes off really easily with makeup remover and I had no issues with it being flaky or smearing throughout the day. I’m not sure I’ll buy this product on my own after this runs out, simply because I’ve found another that works really well for me, but this one really does make my lashes stand out and appear fuller.

4 stars

Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets

Precut baking sheets, what?! How hasn’t anyone thought of this brilliance before now? When it comes to using anything that comes on a roll in those long rectangular boxes I am an infomercial failure. I go to tear it off and somehow the box is across the room and the roll is unrolled into a pile at my feet. I hate it…I hate those little metal cutter things that never seem to cut the desired amount of paper but instead 2 extra feet. These baking sheets are utter perfection! I used to the make cookies (duh) and they easily fit on your standard sized pan with no issues. The cookies baked evenly and when it was time to move them to the cooling rack, all I had to do with grab the opposite corners of the paper and lift carefully to place them over there. No having to scrub baked on cookie off of a pan and no have to make my cookies look weird because the spatula snagged and made one all lopsided! I’m in love with these!

5 stars

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2 Responses to Product Reviews: Influenster Twinkle VoxBox

  1. I’m not much of an oreo fan, but I love the thin ones.

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