Product Review: David Bowie – Retrospective Coloring Book


Source: Blogging for Books – I received this in exchange for an honest review. 
Edition: Paperback, 62 Pages
 Coloring Book
Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository
Rating: 4/5

This retrospective presents music legend David Bowie’s most idiosyncratic and indelible looks throughout the years, with insight into his famed designer collaborations, fashion inspirations, and stylish illustrations perfect for adult coloring book fans.
Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Thin White Duke. . . . Bowie changed his style more dramatically than any other musician in history. His transformations brought about seismic cultural shifts, altering the definition of what it meant to be a popular rock star. This annotated collection of illustrations provide a remarkable overview of Bowie’s nearly fifty years of evolution, featuring looks by the likes of Freddie Burretti and Kansai Yamamoto, further establishing him as the fashion king of self-invention.

David Bowie was someone I grew up seeing and listening to, and was without doubt one my first celebrity crush. I used to wish my older brother would wish me away just so I’d have an excuse to be with Jareth…I didn’t really connect the fact that he’d turn me into a goblin though.

This coloring book is an ode to David Bowie’s unique style and provides some facts with each image as well. We get a little more info on his more interesting looks and a peek into his life.


I think this is a perfect little gift for any David Bowie fan with love of coloring. The images are simple in style, but I think the idea of having creative freedom over someone who basically ruled idea of creative freedom is pretty cool! Of course I haven’t quite convinced myself to reinvent any of his outfits yet.

I do with the fact had been actual filled in font with a decorative border or something though…it looks rather sparse with all the blank space and coloring in letters has never been a favorite of mine.  It’s not a very big coloring book but it’s perfect for curling up with while listening to all your David Bowie records.

4 stars


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2 Responses to Product Review: David Bowie – Retrospective Coloring Book

  1. This looks fabulous! Thanks foir sharing your review. 🙂

  2. My sister LOVES David Bowie & Adult Colouring books! I think this is going to be part of her present this year 🙂

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