Product Review: Maybelline Superstay 24


I received another VoxBox from Influenster, this time for Maybelline’s Superstay 24 lip color! Both of these products for testing purposes and in exchange for an honest review.

I was sent two different shades, Constant Toast and Keep Up the Flame.


Keep Up the Flame is the darker red color on the left and Constant Toast is a light pink with shimmers, which on my skin works more as a nude color.

So this has a sort of specific set in instructions. First you apply the color and let it sit until it dries and then either apply a second coat & wait or apply the lip balm that comes with the color. So what I’ve found is that this lip color is SUPER drying, and it becomes really tacky after it sets. I already have dry lips in colder temps so this is of a problem for me, but the balm helps keep it moisturized but I do have to apply it quite a bit over the course of a day to keep it from being too dry or uncomfortable. I’ve heard that some people apply the balm first to help alleviate it some, so I’ll be trying that next time.

But the selling point is that is stays on no matter what, and that is pretty much the truth. I eat, a lot, and one of the main reasons I never wear any sort of lip color is because I basically end up destroying it in less than an hour due to my constant need for snacks or something to drink. Super Stay doesn’t come off….it doesn’t come off when you rub at it, kiss, eat, drink, face plant into a pillow…nothing. It does come off with oil based make up remover though, so I’d avoid eating something covered in oil like greasy pizza.

I think despite the dry factor I’ll keep using it, because honestly if I don’t have to keep reapplying it or panic every time I forget my face is covered in makeup (seriously, how much can one person smudge their own make up? The answer is a ton) then it’s a definite win for me. The fact that it come with lip balm is a HUGE plus and makes the fact that I have to keep reapplying balm less of an issue.

4.5 Stars


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