Tell Me Tuesday (22)


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Tell Me Tuesday is a feature devoted to letting people know what you’re reading ,what you read last, and what you plan on reading.

Last Read


Rad Women Worldwide – Goodreads

This is a book of short bios about 40 women around the world who have had some major impact on their world. I loved this! I love the papercut illustrations and I loved getting know more about some of the women, especially since some of them were quite new to me.


NOS4A2 by Joe Hill – Goodreads

My third Joe Hill novel complete and it was beyond crazy! It seems that part of Hill’s style revolves around the slow evolution of insanity both within his characters and within the story. I’ve heard this reads similar to Stephen King’s (his father) novels, so I might actually try King out again…it’s been a decade since I last time tried to read one of his, so maybe I’ll like it this time.

Currently Reading


The Romance of the Forest by Ann Radcliffe – Goodreads

I’m reading this one an app called Serial Reader, which sends you one small portion of the book (around 10 to 15 mins) each day on your phone. A few people were putting a readalong together on Litsy (another awesome app) so I decided to join in. I had no idea who Ann Radcliffe was and now that I know she was a pioneer of the Gothic genre I knew I had to try her out. I’m on issue 9 out of 53, so this will probably take me a while to get through unless I feel the need to skip ahead.

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6 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday (22)

  1. The rad women book looks so good!!!

  2. I was totally and ultimately CLUELESS about Joe Hill being Stephen King’s son. :O I added Rad Women Worldwide to my Goodreads tbr. It sounds wonderful. I think getting 10-15 minute reading poirtions a day of a book sounds like a good idea. It would be a good way to read a massive book that is intimidating. Thanks so much for TMTing. 🙂

    • He kept it quite for a long time so he could build a name for himself first, and then he let everyone know after that point which I think was a pretty cool move.
      Rad Women is a really great introduction and for me a starting point to becoming more familier with each of them. I’m gong to make a point of trying to find more books on them as individuals.

  3. Greg Hill says:

    I like that title Rad Women. 🙂

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