Saturday Issue Review: Saga Vol. 5


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saga-vol-5Source: Borrowed 
Series: Saga #25 – 30
Edition: Paperback, 152 Pages
 Sci-fi Graphic Novel
Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Book Depository*
*I receive a small monetary kickback from Amazon purchases
Rating: 3.5/5

Multiple storylines collide in this cosmos-spanning new volume. While Gwendolyn and Lying Cat risk everything to find a cure for The Will, Marko makes an uneasy alliance with Prince Robot IV to find their missing children, who are trapped on a strange world with terrifying new enemies. Collects Saga #25-30.

If someone were to ask me why I keep coming back to the Saga series, even though I hate it…I’d tell them, I have no freaking idea. I wouldn’t really say that I love to hate it either. Yet, when I see the volumes available to read for free (be it library borrows or from a friend) I jump at the chance.

Saga Five picks up some time after the cliff-hanger of volume four. The Will is still sick and unconscious, and a cure is in the works…IV is working with Marko to find their children, and Hazel is in world of trouble as she is held hostage with her mother and grandmother. There is a lot going on, and the stories once again converge into one (with the exception of The Will). Marko is learning to deal with his past, Sophie is growing up, and Lying Cat is still being adorable. I will say that the story is definitely there…it always has been. I love that it’s just about a families desire to be together despite the entirety of the galaxy trying to keep them a part. I love that it’s a look at the ups and downs of parenthood, of having a relationship, and dealing with all the outside forces that work to wear down what you have. That portion of this series is very strong. However when it comes to the smaller details, it feels like it’s being written by a 15 year old boy. Shock value is the name of the game, and the game’s topic is usually something to do with genitalia. I’m not a prude…some of the shit I read would probably make some people run in fear but I’m not reading this story so I can see random gigantic testicles that have nothing to do with anything…or get into the fact that the only cure you can think of in the entire galaxy involves dragon semen. Really? Really…This sort of thing happens so much that it’s not really even chuckle worthy anymore. In between actual strong story-line bomb drops, and the random surprise pages of stupid crap…it’s just too much. I’m already reading the novel, you don’t have to try and keep me reading by throwing out weird shit left and right. Now to clarify, there are a ton of sex scenes in this series…those are not the scenes I’m talking about.

The art is still really strong and remains one of the best things about this series. There are moments where it’s just pure beauty.

This volume ended strong, and in a place that I’m quite curious to see how everything turns out. Despite my issues it’s still a decent read, though not one I personally can recommend to anyone else (though the rest of the comic book world will). As long as I can get these for free, I’ll keep picking them up.

3.5 stars

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2 Responses to Saturday Issue Review: Saga Vol. 5

  1. Oh man, that reminds me I haven’t read the 4th edition yet because I was savouring it until I could binge read! I hate cliffhangers lol. Hey I’m glad you’re still reading it even though you’re not a fan though XD

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