Tell Me Tuesday (19)


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Tell Me Tuesday is a feature devoted to letting people know what you’re reading ,what you read last, and what you plan on reading.

I haven’t actually been reading as much this past week as I would like to as I’ve been dealing with a hold host of issues that have kept my brain too tired to focus on words for very long.

Last Read


Highland Raven by Melanie Karsak – Goodreads

I adore Melanie Karsak’s books, and she has some amazing narrators for her audios that make them worthwhile. The fact that this focuses on Lady Macbeth before she ever became MacBeth’s wife is just fantastic. It deals with the Celtic gods and the on coming rise of Christianity in Scotland, and has a really nice mix of magic and fate at play. This checked off my “A fiction/nonfiction book about religion” on my Read Harder Challenge, as it deals with the struggle to hang on to the religion and culture of the Scottish people in the face of Christianity conversions.


The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead – Goodreads

This sometimes hard to read depiction of the Underground Railroad was an emotion driven look at the extreme nature of slavery in the US. The Railroad is an actual railroad in this, and much of the state’s laws are magnified and examined on a bigger scale to really show the human side of the narrative. This one probably won’t be for everyone. And it’s another tick mark on my Read Harder Challenge, this time for “A Historical Fiction Novel Set Before 1900”.

Currently Reading


Dark Matter by Blake Crouch  – Goodreads

I really should have finished this already, so I’m going to focus on this as much as I can for the next week.


Homeland by R.A. Salvatore – Goodreads

This is one of those fantasy novels that resides on the ever annoying “YOU HAVEN’T READ THAT? IT’S SO GOOD!” list. Anytime I say my favorite genre is epic fantasy, this trilogy pops up and I’m hit with a barrage of disbelief and book pushing. So I’ve started it for my Read Harder Challenge and will be for my “Book from the Decade You Were Born” item. It is pretty amazing so far, which is unsurprising. I’ve played a video game written by Salvatore and it is truly one of my favorites and I really like Dungeons & Dragons, so this has been very easy to slip into. I’ve only read a chapter a day since I started it but it’s good enough that I might use it to kick start my desire to read again.

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7 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday (19)

  1. Andrea Stoeckel says:

    I’ve decided to cut myself a break after I do the reading/ review, and have startedSherryl Woods’ Flowers on Main” and just after I commented yesterday, I got notice that “Underground Railroad was waiting in my elibrary list…so I have a lot to read this weekend. We are going to the State Fair Friday and on a teeny road trip Saturday, but I never drive so, the ereader might JUST have to come along

  2. Everytime you say you haven’t read much you have surpassed me, so I think you did well! Ha ha. You are linked and I will get you tweeted, G+ed and Facebooked. Thanks for TMTing. 🙂

  3. I feel like a lot of people haven’t been reading as much lately. It’s like the flu, and it’s spreading. Hope that you enjoy your books! 🙂

  4. Greg says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by the whole pagan to Christianity conversion thing, and how old traditions hung on in countries like Scotland or wherever. So that would be interesting. Dark Matter seems to be everywhere, and for someone who wasn’t really on my radar I’m keen to read more of hiss tuff after reading the Wayward Pines books. And Homeland- I’ve never read it but I have read some of his other stuff, I imagine that would be good. I want a figurine of wondrous power panther!

    • Reading about the conversion of places with “pagan” beliefs always makes me a little sad, but I do enjoy seeing books handle the topic. It’s rare that it’s handled so bluntly like it is in Highland Raven. I’m used to books mentioning a new priest or something and never touching the subject again, but this one showed some of the possible animosity at having their culture pretty much dismissed.
      I really like Dark Matter, I just haven’t finished it….and Homeland has been real treat to read.

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