Flix Friday (16)


Flix Friday is a feature where I will share what I’ve been watching each week.

Tv Show


Still making my way through Family Guy, and I finally found a few episodes I haven’t seen. Two episodes out of one hundred-ish episodes. I won’t say I’m paying a ton of attention to it, at this point it’s just background noise and a mood elevator since I still get a laugh out of a lot of the jokes.



The Killing Joke animated movie came out this week and it was….underwhelming. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are back as Batman and Joker, and they are honestly the best part of the film. Their voice work is my main reasoning for still somewhat enjoying it…but there were so many missteps in this one. It’s a controversial story as it is and they did try to avoid the whole ‘fridging’ of Barbara Gordon by given her a larger role in the story…but the direction they went with it was disappointing and weird.

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3 Responses to Flix Friday (16)

  1. I used to put reruns of Family Guy on for background noise. I haven’t watched it in awhile, though. I used to watch American Dad too. That was my son’s favorite. Well, King of the Hill was his #1 while it was on, so the TV was often on it and AD. I kind of miss watching all those.

    • It took me a long time to enjoy King of the Hill, but once I started watching I realized how good it was. Same with American Dad, which I think I enjoy it more than Family Guy. What’s surprising is how often we quote Seth’s shows on the day to day basis. We’ve been saying some quotes for so long I forget where they even came from.

  2. I have never seen an episode of Family Guy. I do like the memes and gifs people use and the clips they use for commercials. I should binge it someday. 🙂

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