Flix Friday (12)


Flix Friday is a feature where I will share what I’ve been watching each week.

Tv Shows


We finally watched the last episode of season one, and now we can watch season two with the rest of the world! I really loved how the last season ended, and I’m curious to see the direction of the story because of all the little loose ends.


I don’t really know if I like Preacher so far. I’m all for comic book adaptations, but I just don’t really get the story line in this one.  We watched all of the episodes out so far, and it took until episode 6 to really get to me. I think it was just too jumpy and hopeful before (given the craptastic town this takes place in), and it has taken a turn that I approve of.

What are you watching this week?

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6 Responses to Flix Friday (12)

  1. I had to quit Dark Matter after 3 episodes. I’m obsessed with Killjoys now. SO. MUCH. BETTER. I haven’t watched Preacher yet, but I eventually will.

    • It took a bit before I was fully interested in Dark Matter…I’m not a fan of toxic masculinity which is basically what one character is, and he basically ruined every scene he was in. Killjoys is on my list to try out, I’ve had a few people tell me to watch it so far.
      Preacher takes some getting used to as well, I almost gave up on it but episode 6 was the first episode that I enjoyed from beginning to end without getting irritated.

  2. I really enjoyed Dark Matter. I can’t wait for session two to come out and am interested in which direction they will take it. I was completely surprised by the ending of session one!

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