Audiobook Review: Shadowed Glass by Charlie Pulsipher

ShadowedglassSource: Author  I received this in exchange for an honest review. I received no compensation. 
Publisher: –
Series: The Lost Shards #3
Narrator: Keith Michaelson
Edition: Audiobook,  8 Hours  48 Minutes
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Purchase: Amazon / Audible / Barnes & Noble
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Stranded thousands of years in the past on the distant planet of Ealdar, Kaden, Aren, and James are building a life and a community with what’s left of Omegaphil. Rho is gone. Vander too. The universe seems safe, but adventure isn’t done with anyone just yet.

Aren’s gifts will grow, Kaden will learn new ways to use his Egg, and James will tap into Ealdar’s magic. Lyle will rebuild, Hasla’s heart will mend, and Taggers will grow into a master mage. Dveldor rides a dragon, but remains Dveldor, solid as the stone he loves.

They do not know the gods are watching, what Penny will become, or that a new horror slumbers in the place of Rho’s greatest failure. This enemy has less appetite than the dark god that spawned it, but also none of Rho’s weaknesses.

It will take all their newfound skill to survive and save Ealdar from destruction once more.

Shadowed Glass is the third book in the Lost Shards series, and one that really works to tie up all those loose ends and answer some questions that were still somewhat open at the end of book two.

This one actually surprised me with how much is explained and how much depth is added, and it really surprised me to see it bravely tackle time travel to the extent that it did. Instead of bouncing back and forth between worlds like we did in the previous books, we stay on Ealder and simply move backward and forwards in time. We get to see the aftermath of Rho, as well as a time before everything really gets started…we get to learn how the religion starts and why, how the races of Ealder come to be, and just what roles everyone truly plays in the narrative. The time travel is very well done and easy to follow, but I will say that these are audio-books you have to actively listen to. I’ve found that I can’t multitask as much with this series, because if my mind even thinks about wandering I end up missing something important and have to go back 30 seconds.

Kaden and Aren have come a long way since book one. They are braver, more independent, and tackle some pretty complicated tasks without too much complaint. They really step up to the mantle of leadership, even though they still remain teenagers at heart. The twin gods, Gathin and Erastin get a lot more screen time here as well and it was really cool getting to learn more about them an to see them interact directly with the group.

Keith’s reading continues to be perfect for the story, and I’m always impressed with the level of consistency with all the different voices he provides. Every character is clear and easy to understand and identify, and there is little in the way of variation in a single  voice when it comes to him jumping back and forth between so many.

This has been such a great series! It has a ton of things going for it and it’s not a read that one can just sit back and turn on autopilot for, which I for one really appreciate. I like book that make me actively think about what’s going on and how it ties into the over-arcing story.

4 stars


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1 Response to Audiobook Review: Shadowed Glass by Charlie Pulsipher

  1. I have never done well with time travel books, but these sound interesting, and dragons, well… DRAGONS! Ha ha.

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