Tiny Tot Review: Mummy’s Always Right by Joe Mulvey

Tiny Tot Reviews

Tiny Tot Reviews is a way for me to showcase some of the many children’s books that I read during my down time at the bookstore.

2016-05-21 (1)Source: Kickstarter Project 
Publisher: Atheneum for Young Readers
Series: –
Edition: Hardback, 40 Pages
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Purchase: Kickstarter

Mummy’s Always Right is a gorgeously illustrated, premium board book, featuring a mischievous little monster named GAWS who learns all the many reasons he should listen to his MUMMY!

Mummy’s Always Right comes from the same publisher as C is for Cthulu, a board book that I absolutely loved. It falls into the same category of being a little unconventional and it’s a lot of super cute fun.

It follows a little mummy boy named Gaws, who is learning why he should always listen to his mummy. He gets into some trouble a long the way and her advice helps him out. Even though he is a mummy he does the same things I normal kid would, so it makes for a great little lesson book while still being really fun to read.


The artwork is great and pretty colorful, and I really love the character designs. We get to see not only the mummy family but also a young Frankenstein’s monster, creature of the Black Lagoon, and more.

This is the perfect book for quirky parents and those who really dig the horror genre and want a kid friendly way to share that with the little ones.

4 stars

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3 Responses to Tiny Tot Review: Mummy’s Always Right by Joe Mulvey

  1. Michelle, is it okay if I make a page on my children’s blog with the links to all of your Tiny Tot reviews? I would put a button on my sidebar, or do you already have a page I can link?

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