Tell Me Tuesday #7


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Tell Me Tueday is a feature devoted to letting people know what you’re reading ,what you read last, and what you plan on reading.

Last Read


The Girls from Alcyone by Cary Caffrey – Goodreads

This one was quite good. It’s full of strong females who kick ass, cool tech, and space travel. Plus an awesome narrator.

Currently Reading


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Goodreads

Started my re-read of Prisoner of Azkaban, and my notebook is a little over half full now. I’ll probably have to get a new one after Goblet of Fire.


Before We Visit the Goddess by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni – Goodreads

I’m enjoying this one quite a bit so far, though it is slightly heartbreaking. It reminds me why I love fiction like this, and after to being so deep in fantasy,sci-fi, and YA it’s nice to get back to literature like this.


Dare to Take by Carly Phillips – Goodreads

A romance audio for my Audavoxx newsletter review this month. So far the writing is definitely good and I’m liking the characters quite a bit, as well as the narrator.

Next Up


All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda – Goodreads

Another review title for the month, and it releases around the  28th of this month. I’ve read the opening page and it’s definitely intriguing.

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4 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday #7

  1. I am putting Before We Visit the Goddess on !my library look-fors list. I think I am going to try and reread Sorcerer’s with the illustrated edition some time this summer, so I can reread Chamber Of Secrets when it comes out in October. I would love to see a post about your HP notes. Thanks foir TMTing! I really apprecuate it. ☺

    • You are the second person who has mentioned seeing my notes. I might actually do a post about them. I realized after I finished Chamber that I’ll be reading it twice this year…a double dose of Gilderoy. I love the book but that feels a bit like self-inflicted torture.

      • One of the things that fasinates me about the whole HP phenomenon is how different aspects of the story resonate differently with different people. The series is unique in that so many different types of people have read it, at so many different ages, and in so many countries. Beyond religious books, I really cannot think of any others that come close.

      • That is very true, and for me it’s why dicussing Harry Potter is one of my favorite things to do. People can have some many different reactions to one character, and it’s interesting to see how those opinions have changed as you get older. My boyfriend is reading the books for the first time since he read them as a kid (he’s only read up to 4 though), and he points out things that I’ve never thought about quite frequently. We think so similarly that it’s actually a surprise that we point out things the other hasn’t thought of before. And while the series has it’s faults, it’s something that a vast majority of people can read and relate to.

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