Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Bookish Pleasures


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  1. Book Sniffing – Every book lover knows that book sniffing is a thing. I tend to go one step further because I’m a very scent oriented person, so I also love the smell of new game cases and the little info pamphlets tucked in side. It’s amazing how the smell isn’t universal either. I have books that smell like Borders (still), books that smell of perfume I wore in middle school, books that smell like they rolled right off the press into my hands…and I love them all.
  2. Discovering a Gem in a Thrift Store – I do a lot of thrift buying because my income is low, and there is something so incredibly rewarding about finding books I want to read or that I’ve been looking for peeking out of a Goodwill or library sale shelf. My heart jumps and my face flushes every time I find one, especially if it’s an edition of Harry Potter I don’t own or a Wishbone book I haven’t collected yet.
  3. Clever Book Binding – I’m one of those people who takes off the jackets immediately after buying it to see if the cover or spine has anything interesting on it, and when one does I turn into a child who immediately has to shove it in the face of who was with me when I bought it.
  4. Book Mail – I check the mailbox for one reason…books, even when I’m not expecting a package. I don’t care about the bills, newspapers, or anything else…I look for books first.
  5. Talking Harry Potter with a Fellow Fan – I never get tired of this, ever. I hate socializing, but if you start talking Potter I’m all over the conversation like jelly on toast.
  6. Bookmarking Hoarding – I have hundreds of bookmarks! The ones that I get from authors and publishers go directly into a scrapbook, but I have quite a few “non-collectible” ones in mugs on my shelves as well. If the bookmark is free it’s mine. I started hoarding them in middle school because the library always had free ones to give out, and I still have most of those.
  7. Staring at a Well Organized Shelf – Something about this is purely therapeutic for me. I can stare at my Harry Potter shelves and feel a peace that is odd to describe and completely unique.
  8. Getting Books as Gifts – As much as I love books, and as much as everyone knows I love books…I hardly ever get books as gifts. I ask for books (by name and author so there is no confusion) and I usually end up with something else, so when I do get a book or a gift card to bookstore as a gift it’s the most amazing feeling in the world.
  9. Collecting Copies of My Favorite Books/Series – I have several book ‘collections’ really and if I ever have a house fire I’m going to die because I have a feeling I’m going to snap and try and pack all of them in suitcases to save. I collected Star Wars novels, Wishbone novels (from the old tv show), B&N leather bound editions, and of course my Harry Potter books. I’m working on getting posts done of some of these (SW & HP) but I already have one of Wishbone if you’re curious about what I have.
  10. Turning the Last Page of a Book – There are times when closing a book is hard, but most of the time I get really happy about. I’m happy I enjoyed it or reversely I’m happy it’s over…either way finishing a book is it’s own unique sense of accomplishment that can’t be traded for anything else.


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11 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Bookish Pleasures

  1. Wow, yes to all of these! I rarely find myself agreeing to every single item on a list, but this one, yes. I cold swear my HC of A Darker Shade Of Magic smells slightly of roses. I was trying tyo get my son to smell it, but he wouldn’t. 🙂

  2. Aggie says:

    Have you seen (or perhaps you’ve already got 😉 ) the latest hardbound releases of Harry Potter? They’re sooo divine! 😎

  3. Jamie Wu says:

    I love it when there’s some sort of artwork under the dusk jacket. I love it even more when the insides of the cover has an alternate cover art!

  4. Love all your list. Especially getting book mail or gifts who doesn’t. I love the smell of books especially old books. I also love thrift store finds there just the best.

  5. _giovannard says:

    It’s always nice getting books as gifts. Then you don’t have to buy them with your own money! 😉
    Great Top Ten!
    My TTT.

  6. Number 5!!!! The fact that my boyfriend hasn’t read harry potter really is his only flaw. I put up with it, but sometimes I tell him that we’d be the perfect couple ever if he’d just read Harry Potter. Then we could discuss it! I don’t think that I’m persuading him very well, though.

  7. I love when there are stacks of book shaped packages! Best mail day ever. I love bookmarks too and could always use more. Great list!

  8. Greg says:

    I love finding a book in a used bookstore, especially if it’s one I’ve been looking for. Finding used bookstores is almost a hobby for me lol, if I’m in a new place and I see one- I’m pretty much stopping to go in! And I love gift cards for a bookstore- the best gift.

    I like those B&N editions too, some of those look so nice.

  9. Good list! I enjoy many of the same things you do too!

    Here’s a link to my TTT post for this week:

    Happy reading!!

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