Flix Friday (4)


Flix Friday is a feature where I will share what I’ve been watching each week.

Tv Show

With Star Wars Rebels and The Walking Dead over for the season I spent the last week trying to figure out what exactly to fit in their places…Fear the Walking Dead will be coming back on soon, but I wasn’t overly fond of it last season so I’m not sure how closely I’ll follow it.



Whiplash is a movie following a young man as he pursues his dreams of drumming and meets a rather out-of-the-box instructor who pushes him & his other students to the brink of nervous break downs. It’s excellent! I’ve been a fan of J.K. Simmons since his portrayal of J. Jonah Jamison in Spiderman, and this is probably one of my favorite roles of his! It’s definitely worth a watch and I personally will be trying to find a copy for my collection.

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