Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Everyone Seems to Love but I Don’t Get


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  1. Mr. Darcy  from Pride & Prejudice – Okay, so I haven’t read this…but I’ve read sections, watched most of the movies…and I don’t get it. In fact that only version of Darcy I’ve ever liked was Wishbone’s and it’s pretty damn hard to hate a dog that cute. I feel like I’m missing why he’s so swoon-worthy, considering he spends most of the story being an elitist jerk.
  2. Edward from Twilight – What a gigantic sparkly ball of pathetic…I’m all for romanticized, humanized vampires (case in point Lestat, Armand, etc.) but this is just…weird.
  3. Han Solo from any of the Star Wars books – Okay technically he was a movie character first, but he’s in plenty of the extended universe books…and my god I hate this man. Loathe him. And yet everyone loves him, but to me he will always be a loser who refuses to mature. Yes, he does some awesome stuff and has epic adventures but ugh.
  4. Braden Carmichael from On Dublin Street – This guy did everything but piss on the woman’s leg. I don’t do ultra-alpha males. I like alpha males, but the moment they start trying to mark territory that doesn’t exist I start envision them being hit by a car.
  5. Adam from Shatter Me – He was sweet and loyal…and then he became this secretly controlling and condescending person that I just couldn’t get behind.
  6. Mal from Shadow and Bone – I liked him in book one, though he took a while to get use to…but book two I basically wanted to shove him into a snowbank and bury him there.
  7. Wren (and most of the other sid characters) in Fangirl – I spent most of the book lothing Cath’s twin sister and the friends they made. They spent a long time being insensitive jerks.
  8. Rachael from Dead Witch Rising – For a girl who is supposed to be a badass she spent way too much time cowering for no reason whenever her roommate showed up, smiled, or paid attention to her.
  9. Everyone from City of Bones -I don’t know…the first book was interesting, but the second one became tedious, and the characters became frustrating and hard to like.
  10. Patch from Hush, Hush – What even…By the time I fiished reading this I firmly cementing the mental image of a pirate dog with angel wings just to make me like him more.
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6 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Everyone Seems to Love but I Don’t Get

  1. I actually don’t know anyone who really like Adam or Wren but still a great list!!!

  2. Weezled says:

    It is so nice to see Mr. Darcy on this list. God how I loathe that character.

  3. I tried reading Pride and Prejudice twice and couldn’t hack it. I thought it was the Darcy character, so I tried Sense and Sensibility and couldn’t take that one either. The characters seem to all grate on me, ha ha. Ginny Weasley I don’t get either. I found nothing likable about her. Twilight and City of Bones were both DNFs for me. 🙂

  4. Haha! “Gigantic sparkly ball of pathetic” is one of the best descriptions I have ever read of Edward. Sums him up quite perfectly. I also completely agree with you about Wren. She practically dropped Cath like a hot potato and that is not something a sister should do.

    My TTT

  5. bftreviews says:

    I agree for Mal. He drove me insane! Great list 🙂
    My TTT

  6. I ALWAYS thought I was missing some with Pride and Prejudice because all of my friends prattle on and on about what a great love story it is, and I really just thought Darcy was intolerable.

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