Top Ten Tuesday: Songs For My Stories


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The two topics listed for today were sort of difficult since I couldn’t get anywhere close to 10 for either, but I do have several ‘soundtracks’ I use for when I write. So I’m going to use those instead. This is for a darker fantasy book I’ve yet to start, but have somewhat outlined and written small portions.

Demons – Imagine Dragons

This one has a few lines that were responsible for the entire idea that started this project.

Glory and Gore – Lorde

Some softer badass music for mood.

Seven Devils – Florence + The Machine

It has a perfect haunting feel to it, great mood music.

The Monster – Eminem & Rhianna

Mostly for the chorus with Rhianna. “I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed. Get along with the voices inside of my head. You’re trying to save me, stop holding your breath. And you think I’m crazy, well that’s not fair.”

Monster – Paramore

Some music for the inner conflict the main character will go through because of what she’s capable of doing vs what she’s done in the past, and also a particularly crushing plot point.

Welcome to My Nightmare – Alice Cooper

Another song that helped me flesh out an idea for the main character’s ability to cause sensory hallucinations in other people.

A Beautiful Lie – Thirty Seconds to Mars

More inner conflict for both an important side character and the main character.

Kill of the Night – Gin Wigmore

For those with the same abilities as the main character, who without a doubt enjoy what they can do to others. It’s a simple, fun, but dark song that perfectly fits their ‘cat and mouse’ type thinking.

Mother – Lissie

One that I found after coming up with the full extent of her abilities that just fits so well. “But if you want to find hell with me, I’m gonna show you what it’s like, till your bleeding.” “Tell your children not hear my words.” “Tell your children not to hold my hand.”

Breath – Breaking Benjamin

Another with perfect lyrics and a tone that really fits the story as whole.

Leaving Earth– Mass Effect Soundtrack

Because this song evokes so much emotion I basically use it on every soundtrack. It’s beautiful, heartbreaking, a little angry, and hopeful all at the same time.

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3 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Songs For My Stories

  1. Bound to Be Me says:

    I’m curious, why do you use soundtracks when you write?

  2. I love Demons, it’s a great song
    a the games soundtracks, I have few I really love. All time favorite is Skyrim OST, but I have a special place for Witcher and few other.

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