Sunday Post (191)

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Another week down. I’m hoping the weather actually cooperates today so we can take the pup to the nature preserve and get some much needed exercise in. Also AUDIBLE SALE! Grabbed a few I’ve wanted to read, and sent a few to my boyfriend to keep him occupied on off days (Red Rising & Patient Zero). TOO MUCH MONEY SPENT!

Announcement! I’ll be helping out with Audavoxx‘s newsletter each month by providing a review of an audiobook! If you enjoy finding new audiobooks to listen to, enter giveaways, or if you’re an author looking to network a bit I really encourage you to check out the site, subscribe, and even join the facebook group!

Books Read

Last Week

Monday: In Review – January 2016

Tuesday: Favorite Historical/Futuristic Settings (Top Ten Tuesday)

Wednesday: Edge, Episode One by Jaime Magee & Caught Up in Her by Lauren Blakely (Novella Reviews)

Thursday: The Bees by Lauline Paull (Review)

Friday: Cats in Paris – Coloring Book (Product Review)

Book Haul

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10 Responses to Sunday Post (191)

  1. Greg Hill says:

    Hey congrats on Audavoxx. I’ve been thinking of starting the Mercy thompson books, I see you have a couple there- I need to find an urban fantasy series I like. And Splinter of the Minds Eye- cool! I read that a long time ago and don’t remember much- very curious to see what you think. I’ve thought about revisiting it- it would be funny to read about Luke and Leia sorta doing the courting thing. 🙂 Plus Kaiburr crystals keep popping up and apparently will be- so nice to see throwback to that.

    • The Mercy series is a lot of fun! I’ve been wanting to pick it back up but never wanted to pay full price for the next few in the series, but BAM had them on sale for $3 and $5.

      And I didn’t even know about Splinter of the Minds Eyes until recently, it’s not on any of the old EU lists I have. But as soon as I heard it was the ‘just in case it fails’ book for when New Hope came out I had to have it. I know the Clone Wars tv show goes over Kaiburr crystals, or how they ‘choose’ the wielder and such but it’d be great to see a movie go over it.

  2. Andrea ( aka rokinrev) says:

    Oooo, Stars Above will either have to be an eborrow from the library or wait till its not so dear

  3. Deborah says:

    I hope the weather stayed fine and you (all) got some exercise in. Have a great week!

  4. Wow, that is quite a book haul! The Audavoxx thing sounds interesting, but it takes me forever to get through audiobooks, for some reason, even though I enjoy them. But as much as you like audiobooks, it should be great for you!

    • Yeah…It looks like I went overboard a bit right? Some of these I bought weeks ago, they just showed up this week or I forgot to add them last week. 😛

      Audiobooks take some getting use to. it’s odd to think you need to ‘practice’ listening to them like you ‘practice’ reading to get better, but you kind of do. When I first started out I hated it and it took me ages to get through them, but now I can do other stuff while listening…even read other books.

      • I can listen while I’m doing housework like dishes or laundry, and while I’m walking, driving, or knitting something relatively easy. I can’t listen while I’m working on a freelance project, blogging, or reading another book — anything that requires mental attention and imagination. I’m in awe of people who can listen while studying, replying to blog comments, or reading something else.

  5. Oh Michelle I love the Others series on audio!!! Enjoy. Right now I am listening to Chicagoland Vampires book two.

  6. The UK HPs are brilliant! Elizabeth sent me Feed because she uber-loves it. I have to make time to read it. I have to jump back to some of your last week’s posts, so I am pretty much comment spamming you today! Have a wonderful week. 🙂

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