In Review: January 2016

In Review

I think i got a decent start to the year reading wise, but it’s been just as stressful as all of 2015 and I think it’s a miracle I managed to read at all.

Books Read

  • Arken Freeth: Seajourney by Alex Paul
  • Darth Vader Vol. 1 – Vader (Graphic Novel)
  • Hera by Chrystalla Thoma (Novella)
  • Ms Marvel Vol. 1 – No Normal (Graphic Novel)
  • Down for the Count by Christine Bell
  • Nikki Powerglove: A Hero is Born by David Estes
  • Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye
  • Earth’s Requiem by Ann Gimpel
  • Edge, Episode One by Jaime Magee (Novella)
  • Caught Up in Her by Lauren Blakely (Novella)
  • Yes, My Accent is Real by Kunaal Nayyar
  • Undeniable by Bill Nye
  • The Harvesting by Melanie Karsak
  • The Bees by Laline Paull

Books Review:

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1 Response to In Review: January 2016

  1. I only read four, so you beat me by a mile! 🙂

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