Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Sorcerer’s Stone Covers


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I collected different editions of the Harry Potter books, partially because I love the series more than most of other things and partially because I love the different styles.

  •  Italian Edition – I have NO idea why he has a mouse hate, or why there is a giant mouse/rat right next to him but this is the cutest thing ever. The illustrations inside are just as cute.
  • UK Signature Edition – These are so simple and sleek looking. I love the shiny gold of the ‘Harry Potter’ against the stark white.
  • US Edition – These were the covers I grew up with so it will always be among my favorites.
  • New UK Children’s Edition – This entire set is gorgeous, it captures the magic perfectly.
  • US Anniversary Edition – The mirror scene is one of my favorites in the first book, and this edition is really stunning in person. Plus it has a sketch of Snape inside.
  • Ebook Covers- I love the super simple yet distinctly ‘aged’ look of these. The remind me of the older cloth covered books with the inset designs.
  • New UK Adult Editions – I really love the way the color of the art is done, I love the bright colors.
  • US Anniversary Paperbacks – Another gorgeous set, this time for the US. And to top it off they have those soft covers that make you want to stroke them forever.
  • Original UK children’s Edition – These look so much better in person, the colors are more vibrant and have that childlike appeal to them.


  • Illustrated Edition – This is beyond amazing! The art on the covers and inside really has it’s own life and brings a new viewpoint. This edition really makes reading the story a completely new experience.




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1 Response to Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Sorcerer’s Stone Covers

  1. I don’t know why, but I am actually surprised that there are so many different covers hahaha

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