Review: Nikki Powergloves – A Hero is Born by David Estes

Nikki Powergloves_v3_3Source: Purchased
Publisher: –
Series: Nikki Powergloves #1
Edition: eBook, 150 pages
Genre: Children’s Sci-Fi Adventure
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Rating: 3/5 Stars

Nikki Nickerson hates her name and her boring life as a nine-year-old in the small town of Cragglyville. That is, until she finds a disappearing path into a forest that is rumored to be haunted. At the end of the trail, she and her dog, Mr. Miyagi, find a beautiful treasure chest, standing ready for her to claim.

What does the chest contain? Gold? No. Diamonds? Nah. Money? Not even close. The chest contains twelve multi-colored gloves. Nikki’s disappointment quickly morphs into delight when she discovers that the gloves are much more than just a cheesy fashion accessory. You see, each pair of gloves gives her a different power, such as stopping time or super-strength.

With a little help from her best friend, Spencer Quick, Nikki Nickerson is transformed into Nikki Powergloves, crime-fighting superhero. But every hero needs a villain and she soon finds hers in the form of Jimmy Powerboots, a smug and misguided youth who uncovers a similar treasure and chooses to use his newfound powers for evil. Nikki must find a way to de-boot her arch nemesis and stop his maniacal plans.

A Hero is Born is the first book in a children’s series that centers around a young girl who discovers super powered gloves and begins her transformation into a hero. This book is perfect for young readers around the ages of 7 to 10, it may be a bit too simple for those with higher reader levels.

Nikki Powergloves is such a cute book which really taps into a kid’s desire to be a hero, but the best thing about this book is the fact that it shows the amount of care and thought that goes into trying to help. There will be consequences to everything you do, but you need to make sure they are the right ones before going ahead. It also puts some great focuses on friendship and growing up. The powergloves themselves are a neat idea, and I love that there are little guardians of power going around offering power items to kids they think are worthy.

I really liked Nikki, she’s a bit of a restless spirit at the age of 9 and desperately wants something exciting. As soon as the powergloves come into play we get to see that she’s truly a good person. She sees the dangers of misusing the gloves right away and the steps she takes afterwards to ensure it never happens again really made me like her. Her best friend Spencer is the best friend we all want as kids. He supports her, boosts her mood when needed, and even when they don’t agree he sticks with her.

If you have a kid around this age range who loves adventures and superheroes then this is definitely one to check out.

3 star

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  1. I really adored these books, as did my oldest son (who happened to beta read them for David and is mentioned in the acknowledgements!). Great review!

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