Review: Moving Target by Cecil Castellucci

MovingTargetSource: Purchased
Publisher: Disney LucasFilm Press
Series: Star Wars
Edition: Hardcover, 231 pages
Genre: Middle Grade Science Fiction
Purchase: Amazon / Barnes & Noble*
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Rating: 4/5 Stars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Reeling from their disastrous defeat on Hoth, the heroic freedom fighters of the REBEL ALLIANCE have scattered throughout space, pursued by the agents of the sinister GALACTIC EMPIRE.

One rebel task force protects PRINCESS LEIA, bearing her in secrecy from star to star. As the last survivor of Alderaan’s House of Organa, Leia is a symbol of freedom, hunted by the Empire she has opposed for so long.

The struggle against Imperial tyranny has claimed many rebel lives. As the Empire closes in, Leia resolves to make a sacrifice of her own, lest the cause of freedom be extinguished from the galaxy….

Moving Target is a middle grade novel focusing on Princess Leia and takes places between Empire and Return.

The Rebel Alliance has just learned of the second Death Star, and they need a plan…and Leia has one. This story is rather short but it focuses on Leia’s plan to become a moving target for the Empire to focus on while the Rebellion readies itself for another go at destroying the power of the Imperial fleet. We also get to see Nein Nub, and three new characters help her along the way. Leia is still the strong-willed woman who can handle herself in a pinch, and I love that this is book meant for kids because they’ll get to see her do even cooler things than she did in the movies. She’s forced to make a lot of tough calls, and the book really focuses on the cost of the war itself which gives even more character depth to her and her companions as they struggle to cope with it.

The pacing is excellent and I really loved seeing new worlds, and making lists of what I might see in the new movie.

And to make things a bit less creepy in terms of the Luke and Leia thing, each book as clearly stated that they do care for each other and are close but are not in love…which the movies really could have cleared up BEFORE the last movie in the trilogy.

But at any rate, it’s a fantastic short story and one of my favorites from the Journey to the Force Awakens set.

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