Review: Winter’s Awakening by Karen Luellen

WintersAwakeningSource: Purchased
Publisher: –
Series: Winter’s Saga #1
Edition: Ebook, 220 pages
Genre: Young Sci-Fi
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Rating: 3/5 Stars

Created for evil.
Raised to protect.
Searching for truth.


When Dr. Margo Pullman goes to work for “The Institute” she hopes to change lives with her research in neurobiological studies. Instead, she is appalled to learn her research is being used to test and torture children, most of whom have died in the process. Margo goes rogue. That night, she steals away the three surviving children, changes her identity and hides them away from the world on a secluded ranch in Texas. For twelve years she raised the two boys and one girl as her own. The tests they were subjected to has altered the children’s DNA, turning them into “metahumans” complete with fast reflexes, super strength, the ability to heal and unmatched intelligence. When Margo goes missing, the children–now teens–embark on a journey to reclaim their mother from the evil CEO of “The Institute” who wants them back to continue his plans for the perfect race. Begin the thrilling adventure into the world of Metahumans with Winter’s Awakening, the first book in Winter’s Saga.

Winter’s Awakening turned out to be a rather underwhelming story, despite it’s rather large ideas. The story itself is not terrible, but for me personally it only fell into the realm of okay.

The story itself is fairly interesting, and I really like the ideas of metahumans…especially those unaware of their differences. However I did have issues with the way this played out and several key moments of the lot seemed more like situations of convenience than actual logic. The pacing was also fairly slow for such a small novel, and it sort of made the smaller problems more visible as I spent more time focusing on them.

I did like that the kids were slightly awkward given their odd upbringing and lack of actual communication with people other than each other, and the fact that they were more more mature and more immature in areas. And their individual abilities were also pretty cool and seeing them action was great…but it’s sort of odd that everything was handled so…”nicely”? The story itself feels somewhat un-detailed and added to the constant niceness of everyone it feels sort of at odds with how terrible the situation becomes.

Overall Winter’s Awakening was an interesting book, but failed to truly pull me in. It would be great for middle grade aged kids who like books along the same lines as James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series, but as it is I’m not sure I’ll be continuing this series anytime soon.

3 star

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